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Monday Men Style: Video Back In

I’ve been away for almost two weeks, yet it feels like an eternity.  Time is what I lack with school projects taking most of it away from me sharing my nasty fashion, lustful habits with you all.  I’m working on getting as much posted as I possibly can before “Time” takes me away again.  Speaking of the tick-tocking… it’s been quite some time since I’ve shared a reel or two from one of my favorite sources of inspiration, Nowness.com.

michael pitt for rag & Bone

So, for your viewing pleasure this Monday, I present to you…

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Covet Prabal Gurung For Target

All thanks to Target’s latest collaboration with the ready-to-wear designer we can now get all dolled up in Prabal Gurung’s creations without a slight cringe or hesitation with handing over the credit card for some swiping time.  The “collection of ready-to-wear, accessories, and shoes will be available in Target stores and on its website from February 10th to March 23rd.”  The most expensive piece is a blue leather biker jacket $200, but you can go as low as $13 with some of the jewelry.  So now it’s time to plot and plan on which of these pieces you’ll be coveting in time for early spring!

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My Fashionable Way of Blending In.

This past week has been a crazy one which started with a very short-lived adventure that has to be shared with you’ll, in due time, but because of that event plus others that took place in the past few days, all I can do is add them to the unusual, eccentric, interesting, odd one in, collage I call my life.

There were times I wanted to hide underneath a black umbrella and blend in with everyone else, while walking in the rain, but my mind wondered as to what would be my blend-in outfit? Instead of being practical, this pretty number popped into my head.

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Yearbook of Balenciaga and Ghesquiere.

“When he (Ghesquière) started Balenciaga in ’97, he was designing uniforms for Air France,” François-Henri Pinault. Fifteen years later and Nicolas Ghesquiere evolved not just his designing techniques, but also the great fashion house of Balenciaga, putting the brand among the greatest with handbags, shoes and accessories designed by Ghesquiere, that are collectors items and clothes that requires their own silhouette category. Nicolas GhesquiereBalenciaga has been the perfect fashion formula, with design hits putting them into the history books almost every year in the last decade.   Upon hearing the news of Ghesquiere’s departure from his position as creative director of the fashion house, I decided to revisit some of Mr. Ghesquiere’s body of work and create my own Fashion year book, before Taschen publishes theirs.

How do you take some of the best moments from a legend in fashion and try to fit everything you love about that designer on the least amount of pages? Ha right, I didn’t.  Since most of us are visual creatures, therefore I created an ebook filled with photos from every spring/summer fall/winer campaigns Nicolas Ghesquiere has been behind.

Now Nicolas Ghesquiere’s sucessor, Alexander Wang, has some work ahead of him; continuing what Nicolas has paved out, draped for him to live up to. Best of luck, Wang.


My Instagram Business.

While working in my office aka New York City, sometimes a photo and a few words are needed to share the moments. So on days when you do see anything on RomeoStyle.com, my Instagram is going strong.  Check out some of my photos with captions.

See No Evil on a rainy NYC night.

Minimarket S/S13 boots. Closing my eyes & doing my “Wish I May” jingle in my head.

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Earrings on Ears and Chest

My love of fashion does have limits, one of them is altering my body.

-Losing weight to fit into a sample size. Not going to happen since I love food to much and these curves aren’t going anywhere!

-Getting tattoos to document a moment in my life.  I have enough scars and bruises to remind me of those moments don’t need the ink.

-What about piercing my ears to don some earrings.  I like my ears hole free, but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear the earrings! Take it to the clothes my fellow fashion brethren.

Triple Five Soul Vest (similar)// Blaque Label Pleated Neckline Maxi(similar) // Converse Sneakers  //  JJ Winters Croc Envelope Clutch // Vintage Gold Earrings as brooches. (similar, here, here, and here)

With bejeweled clothes, shoes, and any other part where X marks the spot, this Fall/Winter is the perfect season to wear your jewels on your chest.  I look at earrings as brooches that come in pairs.

Isabel Lu Jacket (similar)/   Blaque Label Pleated Neckline Maxi // H&M Scarf (similar) // Zara Ballerina with Jewels // Vintage Colored Stone Earrings as brooches. (similar here and here)

Blaque Label Leather Cape Jacket (similar) // Blaque Label Lace Dress (similar here and here) // Zara Ballerina with Jewels // Vintage Gold earrings as brooches

Shop the Earring Options

March Of The Jacobs

Left, Left, Left, Right Left.  Black, Black, Black White Black.  For S/S’ 13 an obvious trend is less color, and Marc Jacobs pulled it off with monochrome prints and simple silhouettes.  Jacobs also showed us that covering it all up can put you into the sexy-fashionable crowd with straight lines, t-shirts and patent leather boots and flats. A collection that channels the 1960s fashion it-girls of that decade like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick leading the marching band.

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Hiding In The Fashion Week Bushes.

Hey people, for the next couple of days we’re going to play hide and seek,the fashion week version.  The beauty of this game is that it’s going to be real easy to find me.

If I’m not here, just mosey on over to Instagram Follow me  @romeostyle for my latest New York Fashion Week photos.

See, you’re already winning at this game without even breaking a sweat.

Leather Is A Woman’s Best Friend.

Independent Fashion Bloggers, IFB has partnered up with Uncommon for this week’s IFB project/challenge to see what fall trend has us inspired so much that our IPhones will be the model!  UnCommon allows you to customize your Apple products by uploading your own images, then they print the image onto the device of your choosing, cool right?  But this is a challenge so why not take it a step future with different materials!

Mmmm the smell of a leather garment or a new leather accessory, my gosh you can’t  help but feel seductive, empowered, dominant… Let me not get carried away.

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While Wearing Uniqlo The Cricket Played On.

 There is another fashion collaboration hitting Uniqlo stores on August 31st!   Jun Takahashi from Undercover is the designer pairing up with the fashion power house to give us their Fall/Winter 2012-13 collections. Now I like the pieces they’re created, not loving though.  Just hoping that the photos aren’t doing the clothes justice, because my drooling reflex hasn’t kicked in, but the life-size insects, I want one!  Just so we can play the blues together all night long!

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New Faces Of Couture: Barthelemy and Leclere

Behind the scene photos from photographers René & Radka featuring Central Saint Martins graduate collections from French designers Louis Barthelemy and Lucas Leclere. Their presentations were in front of a selection of editors within the refined gardens of the Hôtel Particulier Montmartre.

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