Monday Men Style: New James Bond, New Designer.

My Monday post came about a bit differently this week and was researched, edited and posted completely all from my IPad.

Well some days ago, my MacBook gave me the blue scree of death, leaving me with with no computer and lacking the ability to write, or so I thought. A weekend of Ipading and Iphoning the hours away, got me thinking, why can’t I just use the mobile devices I have? I found apps to insert captions, create collages, upload and export my images all mixing them together with the administration section of my website, giving everyone the final result which is…read on

Bond time is always sexy time. James Bond, the fictional character created decades ago, is a British Secret Agent, code number (007) who is man of charm, wits, physical strength, sex appeal, and stimulates the viewers minds, bodies, and everything else. (wink)
The movie franchise has made leading men out of a handful of British actors who filled the needed requirements for such a role. Personally I’ve never watched all of the James Bond movies, but better late than never, especially since Daniel Craig was the one that got me hooked and the suits than adorned his body fitted him like a well-tailored glove, thanks to designer Tom Ford.

Sadly Mr.Craig will be reprising the James Bond role for the last time in 2012 and a new 007 will have to fill his shoes. So who is tall, sexy, has a voice that will hypnotize us and a body to be worshipped with or without clothes on it?

Lately,there has been Hollywood talk about actor Idris Elba taking over the role, and hopefully he gets the role, so the phrase “tall, DARK and handsome” can finally be added to the characteristics of James Bond.

With a new Bond, there should be a new designer to dress the man. A designer who is known for his expertise in tailoring, has dressed some of Hollywood’s leading men, can wear his own designs like no other and calls the United Kingdom home, with the sexy accent as proof. Give us Ozwald Boateng, shaken not stirred.

Born in Ghana and now based in London, Mr. Boateng began making bespoke suits in 1990 and never looked back. He is widely credited with introducing Savile Row tailoring to a new generation and his clients include Will Smith, Laurence Fishburne, Jamie Foxx, Samuel L. Jackson, Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, Mick Jagger and P Diddy.
it’s high time that Ozwald Boateng suits, help define James Bond‘s physical assests and in my book he is the perfect designer to dress Idris Elba or any other actor who may be chosen for future installations of the movie franchise.
Click HERE to see a preview of a documentary based on the designer


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Turtleneck Love

That extra fabric around our pretty necks which keeps us warm on brisk days and cold nights.  That piece of clothing that can make the wearer look refined, sophisticated or dare I say, mature for all the right reasons.  The essential piece of garment that’s the go to when it comes to layering during Fall/Winter would be the turtleneck.  On chilly days when a scarf  is the no-no part of the outfit you’re wearing,  or you need to hide a neck full of evidence from some naughty activities, a turtleneck would be an appropriate alternative to a neck-cover.  Now working this timeless item of clothing with the right pieces is just a matter of finding the appropriate layers of dresses, jackets and bottoms to make the turtleneck look modern, sleek and tailored.

Basic turtlenecks are perfect to combine into any outfit for different occasions.  Business, causal and formal looks can be created by simply taking that one turtleneck and adding it to an item in your closet you wouldn’t normally pair with the tighty turtlies.  (new phrase wink)


Look 1: Topshop Nutmeg Boyfriend Blazer $130// Osman Archive for Matches Navy Dress $1225.00 // 3.1 Phillip Lim Scuba Neoprene Clutch in Green, Navy and Black $175 // 3.1 Phillip Lim Jayne Boots $695

Look 2: DKNY Two-tone wool cape $495 // Polo Ralph Lauren Charcoal Grey Turtleneck Knit Dress $380 // Topshop Crocodile Print Collar $40 // B Brian Atwood Paramour Suede High Heel Booties $450 (also available in Black)

Both dresses above can be easily worn with either the blazer or cape above.

You can also wear them with leather jackets to toughen up the overall look.

To keep the look long, lean, and focused, try not to wear big handbags, or a lot of jewelry.  A clutch to carry and one focus point for your jewelry above the chest be it a necklace or earrings, not both.


Take the basic turtleneck and pair it with another favorite this fall, the pencil skirt,  giving you a classic look. Pair the two-piece stunner with wedges or heeled-loafers and color popper accessories making it modern.

Look 3: VANESSA BRUNO Grey Turtleneck Wool Top $135 // Lanvin Metal And Stone Necklace $752 // House of Harlow 1960 Orlina Clutch in Leopard Pony $225 // Diane Von Furstenberg Jade Green Lytton Embossed Croc Clutch $365 // Alexander Wang Anais leather loafer pumps $650 // Rachel Zoe Eva Platform Wedge Pumps $650

Some of us think twice about wearing cocktail or va va voom dresses during the colder months.  Why should those sexy pieces be hidden away when all that’s needed is  the black turtleneck, a must have for every fashionista.  Coupled with a decorative dress or an embellished blouse, the black turtleneck can dress down your look a bit, but can also give you an entirely new look and increase the amount of times and the places you wear that special piece.

Look 4: Andrew Gn Knit Turtleneck $640 // MCQ BY ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Safety Pin Dress $295 // Elie Saab Wave Small Clutch $532 // Lara Bohinc Tatjana Suede Pouchette $674 // Reiss Earlham BOX CLUTCH $150 // Alexander Wang Luisa Open Toe Booties $550 // Miss KG Delia Platform Mary Janes $156

Each of the turtlenecks above can be worn with either one of the skirts.  The same goes for the heels, all which can be paired with opaque tights.    Since the top and bottom together can create such a strong statement, try keeping the accessories to a minimum and handbags or clutches understated.  Keep the colors going strong all year round. It’s a good way to stand out from the “All Black Attire Movement” during the colder months.   If you’re not ready to color it up with your outerwear, incorporate it with the different pieces under your coats.

1: M Missoni Dolman-sleeved wool sweater $136

2: Miu Miu Cashmere Blend Turtleneck Pullover $449

3  VANESSA BRUNO Grey Turtleneck Wool Top $135

4: MARY KATRANTZOU Silk-satin peplum skirt $2,620

5: Kaelen Luanne Pleated Skirt $279

6: Topshop Velvet Frame Bag $56

7: Forzieri Unlined Italian Leather Gloves $87

8: Club Monaco Dora Bag $189

9: 3.1 Phillip Lim Regine T-Strap Sandals $750

10: Ralph Lauren Collection Jalie suede T-bar sandals $650

11: Givenchy Suede and leather T-Strap sandals $740

12: Miu Miu Purple Suede Platform Sandal $695



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Monday Men Style: Stars Smoke It Up.

How could doing something so bad, look so sexy? The celebrities have perfected this formula.  It is the appeal of who these stars are, their ability to seduce us and the different platforms they use to do so.  They can make us believe that bad is good.  To see beautiful things from an ugly situation and take us out of our own worlds into the fantasies they’ve helped to create, with their performances.  So why not have us following their trail of smoke-filled air like it was incense?  

I say all this now only because when we see celebs smoking it up, it is rarely in our presence, so there is no harm to us.  It’s usually from a movie screen, a stage or photographs, nor have I had the chance to date a smoker and find out if that puffing gesture can turn me on.  I’m lying, I did date a smoker once.  Not an actor but, he had movie star looks and New York City swagger, which made him even sexier.  He kept me excited for a while, but that special aroma every time I entered his Jeep, ohhh, I remember it for all the wrong reasons.  All that sexiness started to fade away and I started to worry about my poor lungs.  Obviously that relationship didn’t last,  my gosh almost forgot about the man.  

So with that said, maybe those different platforms which are the movie screens, stages or photographs are the best and the safest ways for celebrities to glamorize this bad habit to us.  


Photos via TheHandsomeBoyClub and GTheGentleman tumblr pages.


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Monday Men Style: What Did Tweed Say To Herringbone?

The chills are here and we no longer have the chance to see the boys rocking the sleeveless or the 3/4 sleeve- tops.  No more buttoned-up shirts with the sleeves rolled-up or the masculine wrist candy easily visual. (check this story out) Ohh the trauma these men will be inflicting upon us by hiding what their daddy gave them.  How can we survive the Fall/Winter without seeing some skin? Let’s all repeat these words, ” absence makes the heart grow fonder,” it can help us get by. In the meantime, let’s look forward to the fabrics that the men of style will be wearing.  The well-dressed men will have us staring and using our imaginations as to what they’re packing underneath that tweed suite.

Photos via, StreetFSN

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