Deals Galore: Tweed-Ling

Photo: Tumblr

ASOS Tweed Boiler Jumpsuit

Leather And Faux Pony Clutch Bag

ADDICT Leather Ankle Boots

Photo: Vogue

Coat above Proenza Schouler Tweed

Baum Und Pferdgarten Tweed Coat

Z Designs Green Bead Medalion Bib Necklace

K. Amato Blue and Gold Spiked Choker Necklace

Statement rings here or here


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Monday Men Style: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Yum

Tweed has been tagged as the stuffy, rough and unfinished fabric that rarely every gets picked as the first one off the rack.  Decades ago it was only worn during outdoor activities, for casual outerwear, and it was a favorite of the Irish.  Fashion is anything but traditional and we’ll take any chance we get to go against the grain.  

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Monday Men Style: A Fashion Week Uniform

The streets were filled with red, grey and navy blazers on the backs of men during New York Fashion Week, helping to create the perfect uniform for the gentlemen that attended the shows.  Yet these fashion wise guys made the uniform their very own with  must-have accessories of watches, necklaces, neckties, and pocket squares.

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Karl Lagerfeld and Sephora Collection.


Karl why you playing us in the U.S? What have we done to deserve the abandonment. Don’t you think we would want your collection which was created with Sephora? Did you not think that maybe, just maybe hundreds of Americans would love to buy the eye shadows, nail polishes as Christmas gifts, or own the Karl Lagerfeld doll and not be judged since it’s of you. Let’s not forget the snow globe, helllooo we are suckers for snow globes, why not share the good stuff around the world?

We can’t help but be jealous of fashionable step-sisters, Europe and Singapore who the collection will be exclusive to. Now for those who are just hearing of the collaboration and will be in that region of the world, please stock-up since the Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora collection is being sold now.

I’m hoping that we will get some love over here, and that Karl and Sephora will make us feel like Cinderella soon, very soon, like New Year’s surprise soon. Until then visit for other gift ideas

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