Fashion’s Shoulder Slingers

Fashion Shoulder Slingers

The first time I saw this new look during New York Fashion Week almost two years ago, I loved it but, I said to myself that those ladies obviously don’t live among us daily street-walkers in the city.  To wear an open coat, or jacket over your shoulders without securing it while doing everyday activities on the go are impossible.  Let me list some possible scenarios.

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Deals Galore: More Little Black Things

Balmain Black Blazer Dress $4775 //  Rachel Zoe Natalia Double-Breasted Dress $173

House of Harlow 1960 House of Harlow 1960 Evil Eye Totem Pole Earrings $80 // Deidra’s Mixed Shape Dangle Earrings $27

Bryna Bay Herman Crossbody Bag $210 // ASOS Horseshoe Across Body Bag $39

Marni Mirror-Heel Ankle-Wrap Sandal $735 // Topshop Reflect Metal Heel Sandals $120

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Deals Galore: Little Black Things

Black rules in fashion, no matter the season, person or place, and some of us can’t help but overload on the color during Fall; but every once in awhile it’s good to appreciate the smaller things in fashion. Black jewelry, small black bags or purses, black dresses so short that they belong into the bend-if-you-dare category plus kitten heels which will have you looking dignified while wearing those barely there dresses.  But please use the Playboy bend, if you have to pick something up off the floor or from a table, and save the Legally Blonde version for the days you decide to wear jeans.

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