Deals Galore: New Heights on Low Heels

Not too flat, nor too high, just enough heel height to keep us feeling like ladies who can run fast enough to catch the train before it leaves the station, a clothing boutique before closing hours or lead a gang of kids running after the local ice-cream truck before it disappears around the corner!   Don’t be ashamed, the summer heat will make you do some things you never thought you could, even if that means outrunning children for ice-cream sandwiches and snow cones.

So my fellow heeled-clad subjects, don’t worry about how tall or short you’ll look, lets slip into soleful beauties three inches or lower.  After all,  we should all be trying new styles in clothes, new colors in makeup and new heights in heels.

deals galore low heels 3

Tibi Shane heels $300 // ASOS SONIC Pointed Heels $53

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DEALS GALORE: Spring Here We Come!

The searching for springing has begun.  The first official day of spring starts is next week and the ladies are itching for the seasons that will have us wearing bright colors, beautiful prints and skin showing head-to-toe looks. I’m all for providing the ointments needed to cure these women of their unique itching spell.  Let’s start with some basics to gradually get into the spring/summer way of things.

deals galore spring 13 b

Spring Trend: Tortoise is a fall trend that stays around for spring.  Don’t overdo it, just a tortoise piece of jewelry, hair accessory, eye-wear or clutch is all you need in a chic polished look.  

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Deals Galore: Fashion Week Ideas

stealing or dealing fw  6

Marni Woven wool cape $1,295  // SheInside Red V Neck Ruffles Cape Coat $40

The biannual gathering of fashion’s finest, brightest and show-offs will kickoff next week and we fellow believers tend to treat fashion week like the first few days of school. Head-to-toe outfits planned out days in advance, new shoes gradually broken in while cleaning up our apartments and emails back and forth with our fashion-mates as to what they plan on wearing, just to avoid a “B*&%h Stole My Look” face off.

I’m not one who frequently attends the shows, since I don’t like the waiting game before the show, and I’ve embraced live-streaming, but that doesn’t stop me from stepping out in my fashion week best.  Since I’ve been all about living on a budget, I figure this will be the perfect time to share some stealing or dealing items that are worthy enough to sit on our backs without us feeling the guilt of spending to much.

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Deals Galore: Holiday Must Haves.

The parties are in full swing and we’ll continue popping the bubbly well into the early hours of 2013.  Photos will be taken of you with friends and loved ones to remember the fun times during the holiday season, it will be your time to shine like the movie stars so make sure what you’re wearing will be something you’ll want to remember in good taste.  With several requests for help from my friends and clients, I have to share some of my fashion finds which includes must-have pieces that will not only save you some money but can be worn long after the clock strikes 12:00 am on January 1st 2013.

Emilio Pucci Wool and silk-blend tuxedo jacket // Mango Tuxedo Blazer 

Lanvin Bi-colour cigarette case box clutch //  Oasis Patent Korea Box Clutch

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