New Ways To Love The Colors In Your Life.


If you’re just about to board onto the color-blocking train or have been working your way to those train steps, it would be best if you throw yourself off now or let this one go by.  Cause this trend, has gone into overkill territory like the florals all day everyday trend.

I of all people shouldn’t be saying such things, after all blocking those colors up down and all around has been a styling favorite of mine for years now.  Years I say, so I know when it’s time to let go of something for awhile, just to make space for something new, the technicolor way of dressing.

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Chokehold Made Fashionable.

Wikipedia’s definition of a chokehold or choke is a general term for grappling hold that critically reduces or prevents either air (choking) or blood (strangling) from passing through the neck of an opponent.

My definition: A chokehold is a piece of fabric or material beautifully made to fit tightly around the neck.  This chokehold, sometimes called choker, or artful neck-piece, may be so tight that it cuts off ones ability to speak, leaving this piece of art to do the talking for you.  Just breathe lightly in and out your nose.

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Spring Trends I Likey: Knock Knock Who’s There?

Definition of Door Knocker Earrings from the 1990s :  Earrings that have a section with a hinged bottom that hangs below the ear lobe.

My definition of Door Knocker Earrings of 2012: Earrings that will look great on any door in my apt, may not be used to alert me when someone wants entrance into my home, but the door-knocker earrings can be stared at, photographed, worn, borrowed and defined as small hanging pieces of art.

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