Yearbook of Balenciaga and Ghesquiere.

“When he (Ghesquière) started Balenciaga in ’97, he was designing uniforms for Air France,” François-Henri Pinault. Fifteen years later and Nicolas Ghesquiere evolved not just his designing techniques, but also the great fashion house of Balenciaga, putting the brand among the greatest with handbags, shoes and accessories designed by Ghesquiere, that are collectors items and clothes that requires their own silhouette category. Nicolas GhesquiereBalenciaga has been the perfect fashion formula, with design hits putting them into the history books almost every year in the last decade.   Upon hearing the news of Ghesquiere’s departure from his position as creative director of the fashion house, I decided to revisit some of Mr. Ghesquiere’s body of work and create my own Fashion year book, before Taschen publishes theirs.

How do you take some of the best moments from a legend in fashion and try to fit everything you love about that designer on the least amount of pages? Ha right, I didn’t.  Since most of us are visual creatures, therefore I created an ebook filled with photos from every spring/summer fall/winer campaigns Nicolas Ghesquiere has been behind.

Now Nicolas Ghesquiere’s sucessor, Alexander Wang, has some work ahead of him; continuing what Nicolas has paved out, draped for him to live up to. Best of luck, Wang.


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Misplaced In The Right Place Part Two.

The night chills are here and it’s time people to Fall in Line. Time to start wearing layered looks, covering certain body parts up, getting our leather on! I reckoned now is the prefect time to feature this video, and photos created months ago with my creative team. I personally like to stay ahead of the fashion trends, test them out, making sure the outfits created are worthy of happy faces.
Time to pose, strut and smile.

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Monday Men Style: The King Of Fashion

Artistic, visually captivating videos have gotten ahold of me lately. From fashion-editorial shorts to full-length movies, the clothes behind the stories have my attention the way that special light hypnotizes the flies before they’re zapped.   All of my video loving has lead me to “A Single Man,not literally the movie and the man behind those lenses, Tom Ford.

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Wednesday Watch A Creative Thing Day.

My M. I. F.A (Missing In Fashion Action) status these past few days has been very productive and exciting.  I’ve been busy putting together a fashion editorial with the coolest team; Lindsay Cullen (makeup artist), Meredith Hurd (model), Sino Chum (videographer) and yours truly as stylist and photographer.  Yup I took my Canon out to have some fun on the set this past Sunday, and I have to say with each click and flash, I got better and better.

The four of us had one day to create several mini-fashion stories using fall garments from designers such as Blaque Label, Isabel Lu, JJ Winters, and Muubaa.  No outfit was complete without accessories and a good mix from Laruicci, Tuleste Market, and vintage jewelry made the looks into statement makers which gave me countless options to chose from and in return we worked from sunrise to sunset doing what we love!

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