Watchful Wednesday: Editor-in-Chief Angelica Cheung

From studying literature, and law to becoming a journalist, and now Vogue China Editor-in-Chief, Ms. Angelica Cheung is operating one of the biggest Vogue editions in the world since it’s launch in 2005.  She is an editor that focuses on the future of the Chinese designers who are struggling to make their mark among the top designers in the world.  Cheung is also setting out to teach consumers who read Vogue China, that buying fashion just because of the high-end names is not truly expressing one’s character through clothes.  A role model beyond the fashion boarders, Ms. Cheung you are on my list of ones to admire, and hopefully work with in the future!

Angelica Cheung: In Paris on

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A Sharing Is Caring Moment: Little Black Jacket

Little Black Jacket 10Little Black Jacket 5

For every man, woman, child, grandmother and Kanye West there is Chanel.  Last year Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld joined forces to create a project titled “The Little Black Jacket.”  Mr. Largerfeld was photographer who snapped 100 different musicians, actors, designers, models, and stylists all wearing Chanel’s iconic black jacket styled differently on every single person.  The fashion project resulted in a video, a world touring exhibition, and a coffee table book.

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Little Girl Blue.

For the last two years, the color blue in all it’s shades and glory, has been the color that ruled us all in one form or the other. It’s one color that works all year round, unlike a canary yellow dress for winter or a head-to-toe dark grey outfit for summer.  The cycle of fashion only allows one color forever (black) and every other to have its five minutes of fame, but somehow blue has managed to stay on for fifteen minutes, and will add another five minutes of spotlight time with some great pieces we’ll be drooling over come F/W’12.

Little Girl Blue come make your stand,

The yellows are too bright the grey too bland.

For which shade of blue shall she wear,

It does not matter,  for they all will make others stare. 

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What’s In Your Bag Ladies?

What we carry in our handbags can give others more insight into our personality and what we do better than any resume or profile created on a dating website.

For my guest blogging gig, I asked a handful of friends to open their handbags, and share the goodies they can’t leave their houses without. After seeing what they carry, I think there should be a more chic definition of bag-ladies. Erykah Badu’s version has nothing on these gals!

This week I’m featuring two glam goddesses.

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