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Monday Men Style: Goodbye To 2013 with Twelve

I tried, I really did. I wanted to, but couldn’t every week.  Monday Men Style stories were suppose to be my weekly project I all-to-happily assigned to myself for 2013.  To write and share images of those men who did right by me and many others in several stimulating ways!  These gents were creative enough to rock clothes that suited their own personal style and body types, having us desire them and some of the goodies in their closets!

There were weeks when school and work projects kept me away from sharing the “FINE” stuff, but it’s all the feedback and comments from you all, plus the power of a good suit on a broad back, that had me creating stories in the wee hours of the some mornings and will continue to do so!  Before 2014 gets here, let’s reminisce about the good things some men have done in 2013 for the fashion world or how they just tickled our fancy.  Ok my fancy!

January: You Hunk of A Trendsetter.

men style  hat

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Stealing or Dealing: Booting Into Fall!

It’s been months since my last stealing or dealing share.  It’s a bit shameful that it has taken me so long to share some great finds.  Forgiveness I seek, and I hope the boots I’ve found will help.  The early bird gets the worm, and the best options in the booties patooties!

stealing or dealling booties fw13 12

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My Instagram Business.

While working in my office aka New York City, sometimes a photo and a few words are needed to share the moments. So on days when you do see anything on RomeoStyle.com, my Instagram is going strong.  Check out some of my photos with captions.

See No Evil on a rainy NYC night.

Minimarket S/S13 boots. Closing my eyes & doing my “Wish I May” jingle in my head.

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Monday Men Style: A Monk-Strap A Day.

Like the gals, the fellas have their trends for each season, and trying to be focused on noticing the fashion trends is hard work for me, when you guys wear the clothes so bloody well! It’s like a hot dish at a restaurant that gets all the guests worked up, and coming back for more! We all want to know what the main ingredients are involving when making the hot dish of the season. Hate to compare you guys as a meal, but chops are being licked after a walk-on-by moment.
So the ultimate look of the season is the hot dish and the ingredients are the trends.

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Ohh My Mary Janes.

Louis Vuitton

A recent visit to JCrew resulted in me trying on a special pair of shoes, their Mona patent leather mary jane heels. No more than 5 seconds after the last button was in place I had a flashback which can only be compared to food critic, Anton Ego’s, childhood memory in the movie Ratatouille. My very first MJ’s (not Marc Jacobs) were flat, patent leather, and black.  Worn with white lace-trimmed socks to church, they were the shoes that made me feel like a little princess, and were part of my first few outfits I put together that didn’t require my mother’s help.  Who can forget the first shinny thing that made them feel special?!

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Leather Is A Woman’s Best Friend.

Independent Fashion Bloggers, IFB has partnered up with Uncommon for this week’s IFB project/challenge to see what fall trend has us inspired so much that our IPhones will be the model!  UnCommon allows you to customize your Apple products by uploading your own images, then they print the image onto the device of your choosing, cool right?  But this is a challenge so why not take it a step future with different materials!

Mmmm the smell of a leather garment or a new leather accessory, my gosh you can’t  help but feel seductive, empowered, dominant… Let me not get carried away.

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One Piece Two Looks: Kirkwood and Erdem Boots

reiss fall_winter 2012 f

Reiss Me Baby One More Time.

Today in New York the temperature will reach close to 100 degrees and humidity will have some of us cussing under our breathes, yet I’m sharing photos I took of Reiss’s F/W 2012 collection which I got a chance to preview.

I love staying ahead in fashion.  It’s something to look forward when we are going through hot days like this one.  We know in the coming months, that leather shorts will replace the denim ones some of us have been wearing like they’re uniforms.

Bad hair days due to humidity will no longer have us hiding under the straw brim hats that took some of us forever to find.   Instead the fall/winter hats will have us willing skip a hair appointment or two.

Plus the layered outfits will be welcomed back into our lives like the layered slices of cake that will have us covering our stomachs in the first place.

So ladies start looking ahead, it does get shinier at the end of the seasonal tunnel.

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givenchy pre fall 13

The Fall Before The Fall of Fashion: Givenchy

I would lick the sole of these boots, to own a pair.  Actually that’s the least of what I’ll do to get a pair of these bad boys.  Now lets get to the clothes!  Tailored so well, the pieces, worn together or as separates, are sure to make the wearer lean, mean chic-struting machines.   This Pre-Fall Givenchy collection is giving me that Flashdance feeling.  Wow imagine doing the Maniac dance scene from the movie while rocking one of the head-toe looks from the collection which has to include the boots!  Alright, alright might be best to take off the clothes so they don’t get soiled or wrinkled, and just keep the boots on with a leotard.  Yea much better. Left right, left right, now faster, faster, faster work those feet for a pair of boots!