What’s In Your Bag: Sell Me Fashion

The life of a fashion showroom representative is one of modern day nomad.  They’re always on the go, traveling all over the world, entrusted with one of the most important jobs in fashion and to a designer, selling a collection to buyers.  Showroom reps make it look so easy, and Lisa Pastrich from Twnz showroom in New York is one that does it with a million dollar smile. She is part of a team responsible for brands like Muubaa, La Mer Collection, Blaque Label and Gypsy Junkies, to name a few.  She doesn’t have the luxury of not being on her A-game at all times, therefore the tools needed to maintain her appearance have to fit into a handbag that is small in appearance, but can hold its weight among a tote or two, literally.  One afternoon, just before the fashion month chaos we love so much, I asked Lisa if she wouldn’t mind sharing the everyday essentials a traveler like herself never leaves the house without.

I learned several new things that afternoon.

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Little Girl Blue.

For the last two years, the color blue in all it’s shades and glory, has been the color that ruled us all in one form or the other. It’s one color that works all year round, unlike a canary yellow dress for winter or a head-to-toe dark grey outfit for summer.  The cycle of fashion only allows one color forever (black) and every other to have its five minutes of fame, but somehow blue has managed to stay on for fifteen minutes, and will add another five minutes of spotlight time with some great pieces we’ll be drooling over come F/W’12.

Little Girl Blue come make your stand,

The yellows are too bright the grey too bland.

For which shade of blue shall she wear,

It does not matter,  for they all will make others stare. 

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Shoe Wars: Snow White Has The Dwarfs Compete.

The Snow White of 2011 is into more than just eating red apples and being the fairest of them all. Ms. White’s obsession these days are heels, and the descendants of the originals dwarfs are still trying to please the fair skin girl.  Every year there is a contest to find the best shoes that would describe each dwarf’s defining characteristic in Snow White’s life.

Let the Seven D contest begin!

Grumpy dwarf winner, Indecorous Tastes, was so grumpy and dangerous all the others had to stay at least 10 feet away to avoid injury.

For the bashful dwarfs, it’s hard to get the shy ones out. Even though the turnout was small, we still managed to have a runner up and a winner!



This contest among these dwarfs lead to a tie.  Who could chose one over the other for their dopey walking presence.

When a doc dwarf shows you how to walk on a spine and still look sexy, it’s a keeper for Snow White.

Sleepy Dwarf winner will have Snow White dreaming of galaxies or maybe reaching them with the those high heels.

This contestant had everyone around her sneezing so much, the other weren’t strong enough to make it to the end of the contest. What a way to win.


Happy Dwarfs can take you places the other dwarfs can’t while keeping a big smile on your face.


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