Reiss Me Baby One More Time.

Today in New York the temperature will reach close to 100 degrees and humidity will have some of us cussing under our breathes, yet I’m sharing photos I took of Reiss’s F/W 2012 collection which I got a chance to preview.

I love staying ahead in fashion.  It’s something to look forward when we are going through hot days like this one.  We know in the coming months, that leather shorts will replace the denim ones some of us have been wearing like they’re uniforms.

Bad hair days due to humidity will no longer have us hiding under the straw brim hats that took some of us forever to find.   Instead the fall/winter hats will have us willing skip a hair appointment or two.

Plus the layered outfits will be welcomed back into our lives like the layered slices of cake that will have us covering our stomachs in the first place.

So ladies start looking ahead, it does get shinier at the end of the seasonal tunnel.

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Monday Men: The Accessories That Make A Difference.

The days are getting hotter along with the men. Something in the air just makes most of the guys bring their A games beyond the doors of their home. The clothes are cool, haircuts fresh or deliberately messy and toned, muscular bodies are quite evident, then there are the accessories…. Well the guys don’t put much effort into the accessories like us ladies and  that’s ok with me. I’m personally thankful that they’re doing it right in just the attire department, but what if?   What if they were to go the extra mile with the watches they wear, the bags being carried, even the clips they use for keys, wallets etc?
Last week I found some some great photos on Anchor of accessories and bags that I would love to see NYC guys using.  Pieces the guys can use to photograph us ladies, stuff our shopping finds into or clip an extra set of our keys with.
If all else fails, I have no problem rocking all of these accessories, especially the watches. Nothing a watch repair shop can’t make tighter.


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