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RomeoStyle’s 25 Days of Christmas. Day 24

RomeoStyle’s 25 Days of Christmas. Day 20

A Day to Night Look: Patriotic Chill

Denim Overalls Are Back.

rstyle 1 piece 3 looks overalls


It be for a casual day walking around or an evening out with friends, no longer should we look at overalls as a piece of garment that is only restricted to day time, and play dates  as we did when we were kids.  We’re older and wiser now, right?  Therefore, think beyond pairing your overalls with a simple t-shirt and sneakers and dress it up. Continue reading “Denim Overalls Are Back.” »

Monday Men Style: One Verse Mr.Armstrong

I see guys in blue and suits of white,

Colorful shirts and bright kicks that excite

Then I think to myself, what a good-looking world.

romeostyle men in blue

Clockwise from upper left StreetFSN // 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013 // Asos Blazer & Slim Fit Pants // StreetFSN // Neil Barrett Spring 2013

romeostyle men in white suits

3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013 // Hermès Spring 2013 // ASOS Skinny Fit Suit in White

romeostyle bright tops

Jil Sander Spring 2013 // Salvatore Ferragamo Spring 2013 // StreetFSN

romeostyle bright kicks

Ph. StreetFSN, Jak&Jil and Tumblr.  More options here and here.

Over and Under A Peplum Tale

I don’t think peplum tops get enough credit. This fashion trend hit us big last spring and after seeing the S/S’ 13 collections during New York Fashion Week, it looks as though we have a peplution on our hands people and you’re either with the peplum or against it, but why against?

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Deals Galore: Givenchy Giving An Earful.

What can a pair of ear ringers do? ASOS XL Flat Hoop Earrings $17

They can reflect sun rays.

They can be used as small plates.

They can be used as weapons, (depends on if you get them off in time to attack otherwise you’re in trouble).

They can be the only pieces of jewelry you need with your outfit.

They can be the topic of conversation! Continue reading “Deals Galore: Givenchy Giving An Earful.” »

box clutches

All Boxed Up Ready For Show.

I call these my fashion lego pieces.  Beautiful empty boxes, some covered in leather, or suede others embroidered or bejeweled.   Let’s continue with calling them minaudiere. Said out loud it sounds like” me-no-dare” which is a suiting name for these hard-case box clutches, the new must-have hand stuffers literally beating the oversized, soft envelope clutches we’ve been carrying throughout the summer months.  Minaudiere clutches forces us to edit down only to the essentials we can fit into a 6″ box.   Ohh the tough decisions we must make, the lipstick or the BB cream?

Now let’s play lego with some minaudieres that range in prices and looks.

jun lee

What’s In Your Bag Ladies?

What we carry in our handbags can give others more insight into our personality and what we do better than any resume or profile created on a dating website.

For my guest blogging gig, I asked a handful of friends to open their handbags, and share the goodies they can’t leave their houses without. After seeing what they carry, I think there should be a more chic definition of bag-ladies. Erykah Badu’s version has nothing on these gals!

This week I’m featuring two glam goddesses.

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Fashion Spikes

Summer I’m Coming For You, With Spikes And Whistles.

The first official day of summer is June 20th 2012 and the past few days in New York City with temperatures over 80 degrees there will be no transition time just…. just nothing.  I’m decided to start my Will Smith’s “Summertime” dance remix now.  I’m doing it with small doses of pastels and neons, avoiding head-to-toe floral prints like it was the plague, overloading on the bangles so they feel like weights,  rocking short like the boys, maxi skirts dragging like I’m walking the red carpet, and spikes to keep the bad ones three feet away.  Those are just a few of my favorite things. Cue the music!

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pleating the lighhter way

Pleated Its Way Back Into My Life.


The first time I rocked a pleated garment was at the age of five.  The fabric was a heavy cotton-polyester blend; the style, overalls; and the place, primary school in Trinidad and Tobago.  I rocked the pleats for about seven years straight after my first time, so my relationship with the folds wasn’t one that I have fond memories of.  Time heals all wounds, scars and my love hate history with extra fabric.  I’ve found some ways to help me bring pleats back into my life so the second time around, pleats can give me happy memories. Let’s see if these ideas might help. Continue reading “Pleated Its Way Back Into My Life.” »