Guessing The 8-Bit Fashion Designer.

Fashion designers each have distinctive looks to their creations every season.  Designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Gareth Pugh are know for over-sized, voluminous silhouettes in dark colors or black and white patchwork.  Gucci is know for their body-hugging, sexy garments with bold accessories that are made to be noticed while Jil Sander gives us the combination of luxurious fabrics with minimalist looks. Remembering hundreds of fashion time-lines was something I believed I very good at until I saw the 8-Bit illustrations of looks from several fashion designers.

They say you have to have the passion and the knowledge to be involved in this cut-throat industry. They should of also stated that my mind should be a fashion archive to help figure stuff like this out.

I wanted to know which season each of the 8-bit illustrations belonged to.  Some of the images I knew immediately at first glance, while four of them still has me stumped.



The four illustrations that I can't figure which seasons they belong to.

I will have all the time in the world to juggle my memory, since the 8-bit graphic illustrations using the Fashionary templates are now available for sale HERE.



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An Illustrator’s Mixing Bowl: Tara Dougans

Insects, flowing locks overload, Antwerp and seven designers are brought together by illustrator Tara Dougans. The talented artist collaborated with Antwerp Academy to created an illustration series featuring a look from each one graduating fashion designers from the masters department.

So look beyond the insects. Don’t let all that hair get in the way of the clothes and the face full of …. right back where we started.

Visit Tara Dougans

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One For The Artists.

Niek Pulles

Last night I was hoping to attend an exhibit at The Rush Arts Gallery to support my artistic brethren, but that was not to be.  The gallery decided to shut down the exhibit  early, which was right after I arrived.   “No worries, ” I said to myself, I ‘ll just went home and worked on some of my own projects.

At 2:20am this morning my companion at that time, Photoshop, crashed,  leaving me alone and in a panic mode.  After 20 minutes of trying to get Photo-man to come back to me and failing , I gave up.

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