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Beyonce You Were Here.

Miss B got me teary eye again.  Beyonce’s video for World Humanitarian Day on Aug 19th ‘I Was Here,’ was created in an effort to encourage people to make a difference. Months after the video made its debut, I still get a chill down my back, and watery eyes every time I watch it.

See more info about the event and World Humanitarian Day HERE

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Monday Men Style: Bonded By 007

Someone is keeping tabs of what all the James Bonds have been up to.  The amount of people they’ve killed, and their kissing records are being shared just to show that Bonds like to have their cakes and kill them too. Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Bonded By 007” »

AllSaints 2012 Fall/Winter Campaign

The people featured in this campaign are not just pretty faces, AllSaints recruited a creative group, composed of actors, dancers, artisans, poets, writers, musicians and models.

The cast included: Tomo Campbell – fine art painter, Marques Toliver – violinist, Alpines – musical duo, Tony Ward – entertainer and model, Vita Kan – ballerina and model, Phoebe Colling James – artist and photographer, Stuart Hamond – writer & editor at Daed & Confused, Laura Gosh – filmmaker, and Sophie Dickens – singer and model.

Visit AllSaints.com to see how innovative they are with this campaign and witness an original way to browse online!

Cara Barer Kaleidoscope

Let The Pages Tell The Artistic Story

Cara Barer New Century

Cara Barer Manhattan

Artist Cara Barer, has found a beautiful inventive way to transform old telephone books plus huge instructional books into artistic time capsules “preserving the printed word on paper.”  Her attempt to blur the line between objects, sculpture, and photography with her book project gets better with every page turn.

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Monday Men Style: Into Their Closets.

Peeking into the closets of some fashion-loving men, can be just as exciting as their female counterparts, and thanks to the site StyleLikeU which photographs of these stylish men and videos that makes the subjects more inviting, you can’t help but feel  jealous, envious, damn those men for having bigger closets filled with better fashion goodies   like you’ve been given a secret, special tour, and has been entertained with pretty objects all around.

Theophilus London: Hip-Hop Artist

lauren schneider 1

Tell Me My Creative Friends.

Birds of a feather flock together. That couldn’t be truer than the people I’m friends with on facebook.  Besides my family, most of my facebook friends have something to do with the arts, mostly fashion.  They either create, illustration, capture, sell it or wear it very well. We all have this common ground than keeps us going back for more every season, month, week, and day.

I couldn’t think of a better group of people to ask my fashion related questions.

Question to all: Whose personal style has influenced your own?

Agne Skripkinaite, talented journalist and editor-in-chief at fmag.lt. Continue reading “Tell Me My Creative Friends.” »


Monday Men Style: Replacing One McQueen With Another.

Photo from Interview Magazine.

“When you look back at your body of work, how would you describe it?”  If I ever get the chance to ask Steve McQueen that question I wonder what his answer would be?    This isn’t an episode of “Who Would You Invite To Dinner? Dead or Alive.  The McQueen I speak of is very much alive, and still has some time to ponder his response.  First time I heard of a Steve McQueen being alive was when I went through the closing credits of the film Hunger, which I saw last year.  I had to find out who created such a gutsy, visually-stirring movie which was based on the true story of an Irish Republic Army (IRA) protester, who used a hunger strike instead of fighting to protest his cause.  At the time I though it was a funny twist of fate that someone else out there had such a well-known name. A black, British, visual artist who wrote and directed the stories instead of acting them out like the famous Steve McQueen before him did.


Now let’s fast forward to present day, and another movie from this talented man that will not be released in most theaters around the nation due to it’s explicit sexual scenes, Shame.  Once I found out the name of the movie and the director behind the return of a NC-17 rated film, I had to share.  From everything I’ve seen, read or heard about the movie Shame, if you want to watch in awe at human beings feeding their sexual appetites in ways, most of us are either to afraid or ashamed to admit to, McQueen is the man to have you tightening those hoodies over your heads a bit tighter, avoiding the beads of guilty sweat being released for all to see.

Into the future is what I can’t wait for.  I can’t wait to see how this artist/director will have me sitting on my hands again with his though-provoking movies.  All my patience will be needed since his next feature, Twelve Years A Slave, is set for released in the year 2013.  Let the rumors be true that Steve McQueen will also direct Fela, a biopic about the Nigerian musician and activist Fela Kuti.  So with Shame already receiving praises, and awards internationally, and being released less than a week ago in the United States, it’s only a matter of time before director Steve McQueen will be giving the blond legendary actor a run for his web searching status on Google.com
So I’m going to presume Steve McQueen will tell me he like his films to take us into the lives of people we may identify with, people we look down upon, or secretly envy, people we try to forget for reasons that may make our lives easier, or just people who’s stories deserved to be recognized. I’m hope to get the chance to receive an answer from the man himself, changing my assumptions to quotes.

The Confessions of Steve McQueen on Nowness.com.

The Trailer for Hunger (2008)

The Trailer for Shame (2011)

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Worth Watching: Beyonce End Of Time.

We all know Beyonce is one heck of a performer.  Hair whipping, hips shaking, heel stomping, all the while, sing at the top of her lungs like no other songstress can.  Since watching her video Year of 4,  the category of my fan status has changed from  Just A Fan to Slightly Obsessed.  It’s an admiration thing.  She gives us everything she has and then some  every time she sings and performs.  From her latest Album 4, the song “End Of Time,”is a mover.  You can’t sit still while listening to it and my impatience for a video had me stalking YouTube for anything. A cover on the song, a live performance, and hello….

I found a Target Flash Mob Performance by Todrick Hall plus a live performance by Miss. B herself.  Ohh I couldn’t ask for anything more.  Enjoy!


Talk Tuesday: Beyonce Year of 4

beyonce at Ireland's Oxegen Festival.

Most of us have had the pleasure of watching Beyonce, the artist grow up before our eyes. She first hit us with that powerful voice as the lead singer of the R&B girl group Destiny’s Child in the late 1990s and continued to shake us up with her music as solo songstress after the group’s disbandment years after.  I’ve been a fan from day one, but not the devoted type.  Just a fan who liked the music Beyonce created, admired story telling in her music videos and purchased the albums only listening to selected songs over and over again.  Then the playbacks became less frequent and I would eventually move on, not being aware of the journey Beyonce took to get to those creative places resulting in her lyrics and her original videos.

After watching Beyonce- Year of 4 , it just goes to show the best narrator of an artist should be the artist him or herself.  The video shows Beyonce as an independent woman, no longer under her father’s management, and taking control of her career. Beyonce gives us an insider’s view of making a personal album unlike anything she has done before, plus clips of her life leading up to her new album release.

It takes a lot from within, as an artist, to put what you’ve envisioned, the way of expressing yourself, out there for others to judge and comment on.  So Beyonce, I applaud you for leaving your stamp on the world your way.


The Result Of Time and Patience From Levi van Veluw

“Idle hands will get into trouble.”  Who hasn’t heard that phrase at least once in their life and tried to be productive in our own way, but creating not one but three rooms with 30,000 wooden blocks, balls and slats didn’t cross the minds of most.  Their might of been others who created rooms from other materials or though about it, but Dutch artist Levi van Veluw put his imagaination to good use with his life size-installation.


Photos from Trendland.net


Picture 11

An Artistic Thursday: Making The Head Fit.

Photographer Christian Tagliavini has given us the ultimate paper cutouts! The author, stage designer, costume designer, casting manager, director and photographer , had applied his in depth knowledge of the arts, to buildup his stories and dramatize them into visual works of art.

Photos via Christian Tagliavini



To Hell And Back In Heels.

I came across photographs from artist, Marilyn Minter showcasing some feet that looked as though the heels being worn, were there taking them to death’s gate, something I could relate to along with some other women out there.

If you’ve ever worn a pair of heels in your life,  you’ve sacrifice comfort at least once. It’s almost a right of passage for females, along with dressing up and that special friend that visits every month.   Some embrace the gift of immediate height thanks to a couple of inches, while others quickly realized that the pain isn’t worth it. I’ve been to hell and back over the years while wearing heels that were too high, too narrow, too hard or too lose, just too much for me to continue wearing them the devilish things.

I personally love wearing the bloody things that have actually made me bleed in the past…  They make me feel sassier empowered and sometimes my heels save me from hemming my maxi skirts and dresses!  It’s just a matter of finding, female stomping tools that are comfortable or I can manage to wear for over 5 hours, yea such things do exist in the 21st century.  Now, I’m older, wiser, and less tolerant of pain, I can appreciate a good pair of heels once found and makes me a bit more willing to spend money on them.

So for those who I’ve gave the special  (I know your pain girl) nod to in passing, I’m working on this for all of us.

Photos via Salon 94