Fashionable Ones Can Talk It All.

One; just give me one fashion editor, stylists, or fashion week regular rocking a mask or muzzle next month. Thinking outside the box, when it comes to accessories and this is a perfect must-see look that belongs on the streets during fashion week.

Maybe these face cover-ups will be great for the Fall/Winter season, perfect for those windy days.  Who am I fooling, the muzzles some designers sent down the runways will not be protecting any of us from blustering winds, but on the plus side we can talk a whole lot of smack about people in a low voice and they will not pay attention to our lips moving, all they’ll notice is the face jewelry being rocked.

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Met Gala Dresser I Am!

Ohh the guessing game. Forget the Oscars, Golden Globes, even the Grammys, The Met Gala is the one I get that special tingle for.  I love pretending that I’m the one responsible for choosing the gowns for the Gala’s usual glamourous suspects, and new members that join the red-steps gang.

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Haute Couture Trend Lessons.

These past two weeks, I’ve been having some blockage with the writing.  Some of my saved stories, I just don’t want to use yet or other stories that I’ve started, I can’t  seem to finish.  So to the browsing board I went and back to the visual inspirations that always has me wanting more.  The visual inspirations I speak of are the couture designs from the fashion houses twice a year.  The wanting more, refers to me getting  the chance to sit up front and center at the Haute Couture shows.  Using my own eyes to gawking at the details, that are incorporated into each handmade garment,  from top to bottom, all the while enjoying the settings created by the designers.  Ohh, its’ only  a mater of time before this happens so I’m putting it out there.

Until that time, I get to stare at garment from each Haute Couture collection and find ways to describe what I see.  One liners are the way to go right now.  I could go the easy route and write, in detail, my review about each  Haute Couture collection, but let me get you to look longer, understanding why I’ve given each Haute Couture Collection below its headline.  A couple of words can help you see beyond the pretty colors and shiny fabrics.  Maybe you’ll see the walking art  piece that will be a trend in the near future. You may see the upper body of a coat blending into an evening wear look thanks to Alexis Mabille.

To some, you may rarely ever read my words, or see beyond the silhouettes created by the models in the photos below.  You may not even remember which Haute Couture designer the celebrities will be wearing during awards season or the fashion magazines that will be featuring the collections, but maybe you should.  Do you recall the Cerulean Sweater scene in Devil Wears Prada, when Anne Hathaway character chuckles at Meryl Streep character and her team?

Don’t find yourself like Andy in the movie with a cerulean sweater being your downfall from grace.  Look at  each photo a little longer, see the story the designers are telling  you.  See what trends other designers and department stores will be copying or reinterpreting for the masses, including you and I, for out wearing pleasure.

Alexis : The Walking Bouquet.

Armani Prive:  It Started With A Fold On A Skirt.


Christian Dior: Let The Waist Tell You.


Elie Saab: I See A Pastel Pattern Here All Tied Up In A Bow.

Chanel-  The Blue Hand Movement

Jean Paul Gaultier: A Hairful Revealed. 

Versace: Metal Undertones Are Under.

Photos via

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The Letters Of The Alphabet Have Something To Say About Spring.

About a month ago, I decided to challenge myself by create my own version of The Fashion Book, but mine would focus on my favorite things for the coming seasons of spring/summer 2011.   At first it seemed easy enough, since there were several items that started with the letters C, D, F and S in my memory bank.  The easy street changed pretty fast when letters G, O,Y and Z stalled me for days.  Would of been easy to  ask for help from friends, but this project I wanted to do on my own, for as long as it would take.  Even though this project took a couple of weeks to find something for each letter in the alphabet,  including images, writing tidbits and creating templates, I’m happy that I did it all by my lonesome.  Now, let’s see if I can do this again for Fall!


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