Met Gala Dresser I Am!

Ohh the guessing game. Forget the Oscars, Golden Globes, even the Grammys, The Met Gala is the one I get that special tingle for.  I love pretending that I’m the one responsible for choosing the gowns for the Gala’s usual glamourous suspects, and new members that join the red-steps gang.

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Video: Japan Vogue March 2012 Presents Matador.

Years ago, before I happily started meddling within the fashion world, I would have my imaginary fashion shows in my head while flipping through the pages of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and W, sitting on the train to and from work, and listening to the songs from my special play-list created just for my magazine time.  I would imagine changing around some of the outfits that were on the models, and the music on my ipod be the soundtrack for each fashion spread I revamped in my head.

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Anna Doing Her Thing.

I love it when people create several different outlets using one great idea.  Case and point: Anna Dello Russo teaming up with Vogue Japan Editor-at-Large, art director and her friend, Marco Braga to creative a short video in which Anna androgynous look is completed with a tuxedo from Turkish designer Umit Benan and a whole lot of hair. The wig in this video looks a bit familiar…

Focus on My Eyes.

Anna Dello Russo: Black Tie Affair on

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Focus On My Eyes.

The larger than life, Editor At Large for Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo and photographer Giampaolo Sgura serves us over the top Glam on the heads for March’sVogue Nippon.

Model Karmen Pedaru is our the Diva, wearing looks from Spring 2011 designers like Gucci, Pucci and my favorite, Alexander McQueen.  Wouldn’t surprise me if Anna tested these looks out on herself first, lucky woman she is!

Karen Pedaru by Giampaolo Sgura for Vogue Nippon March 2011

Photos VIA

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