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thakoon resort

No More Playing Dressed Up: Resort 2013 Collections.

You know the feeling after you’ve seen an entire collection from a particular designer or design house, you find yourself  getting a bit emotional over a couple of pieces that caught your eye, and then it becomes embedded into your mind like a virus that’s only cure is you owning those must-have fashion loves of your life.

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Fashion Spikes

Summer I’m Coming For You, With Spikes And Whistles.

The first official day of summer is June 20th 2012 and the past few days in New York City with temperatures over 80 degrees there will be no transition time just…. just nothing.  I’m decided to start my Will Smith’s “Summertime” dance remix now.  I’m doing it with small doses of pastels and neons, avoiding head-to-toe floral prints like it was the plague, overloading on the bangles so they feel like weights,  rocking short like the boys, maxi skirts dragging like I’m walking the red carpet, and spikes to keep the bad ones three feet away.  Those are just a few of my favorite things. Cue the music!

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Alexis Bittar Meet Absolutely Fabulous.

Eddy and Patsy, the only two women in this world who can make their high fashion outfits look like a kindergarten project, (actually only Eddy).  The main characters from this nineties British sitcom, Absolutely Fabulous,  are two middle-aged, twice divorced women  who always smoked, always drank, and always a hot mess. Continue reading “Alexis Bittar Meet Absolutely Fabulous.” »