The Church of Alexander McQueen

alexander mcqueen pre fall 2013 g alexander mcqueen pre fall 2013 f

Imagine the lyrics to Carrie Underwood’s song “ Good Girl ” paired with an original score from composer Hans Zimmer as the soundtrack to Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection! It would be the halo to complete the presentation.  This collection must be what Sarah Burton would want the ladies of the church to wear if they ever get promoted beyond nunhood.  

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How I Spent My September.

It seems as though my entire summer was the month of September.  July and August were quite compared to exciting chaos September served me from beginning to end.  In 30 days I managed to traveled the NYC world and the seven train lines, in the name of fashion. Pss: I was listening to Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams

There were so many things that happened in one month, why would I bother writing about it when we all know pictures are better than words.

So I’m taking back to my head-of-the-classroom days.

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Over and Under A Peplum Tale

I don’t think peplum tops get enough credit. This fashion trend hit us big last spring and after seeing the S/S’ 13 collections during New York Fashion Week, it looks as though we have a peplution on our hands people and you’re either with the peplum or against it, but why against?

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