Everything But A Dress To A Wedding.

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For 2014 wedding looks, minus the dresses, click here.

What to wear to a wedding without having to wear a dress? How do you avoid that skirted one-piece without looking casual or not put-together for that special event you’re been invited to? I tackled this question last year with a couple of clients, and now with another season of I Do’s to tackle we are trying to stick out of the crowd in all the right ways.

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Are They Ready Now Aldo?

I’ve been hearing about this collaboration between Aldo and Julian Louie for Spring 2011, since last year. Never been a big fan of Aldo’s hard and uncomfortable shoes, so I can’t say that it’s a brand that I would go to when it comes to chic inexpensive shoes, but the patterned wedges they’ve teamed up to create with Julian Louie may have me wondering into one of there stores soon.  Maybe they’re tweaked a couple of things that would make strutting in Aldo shoes a bit more comfortable or at least  avoiding the painful look on one’s face.  We all know what that is ladies.

Photos from Nitrolicious.com

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