For The Love of Fanny.

romeostyle fanny packs 2014

Call it a fanny pack or waist bag, a hands free small clutch or belt bag.  Whatever you chose to call it, this type of bag has staying power like a strand of pearls or gladiator sandals.  The waist bags have never really left our closets or waists throughout the turning of fashion-tides, and every time a fashion wave comes in, the fanny pack returns looking chicer than what some of us wore during our wonder years.

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Inspiration: All Things Stripes and Beautiful

romeostyle spring stripes_1

Don’t let national holidays such as Memorial Day or the 4th of July, be the only reasons to get your hands on fashionably striped pieces this spring/summer.  From the nautical stripes to pinstripes, and other strikingly lined garments in between, let’s get some wear from this trend without worrying if the stripes will fall on the wrong place of our bodies.

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