Style Tips: A Short Shift of Color.

short shift color

This is my last week of spring classes at FIT, blow the trumpets! I’m not excited just because the semester is coming to an end, but it’s also the amount of time I’ll have to share my stories, projects, tons of fashion advice! But, right now things are looking brighter, shorter and chicer as we enjoy our spring days.

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Lady In Red, White and Fedora.

I look at wearing white after labor day like eating fruit cake long after Christmas. Gimme more if taste good and I’ll gladly wear white to stand out among others who will most likely wear the darker colors during the fall/winter.

Dietitian, and friend Paola Mora may have something to say about my love of fruit cake “all in moderation,” but she has no problems with wearing white long after the month of September, so much I got her to model the angelic color.

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Leather Is A Woman’s Best Friend.

Independent Fashion Bloggers, IFB has partnered up with Uncommon for this week’s IFB project/challenge to see what fall trend has us inspired so much that our IPhones will be the model!  UnCommon allows you to customize your Apple products by uploading your own images, then they print the image onto the device of your choosing, cool right?  But this is a challenge so why not take it a step future with different materials!

Mmmm the smell of a leather garment or a new leather accessory, my gosh you can’t  help but feel seductive, empowered, dominant… Let me not get carried away.

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While Wearing Uniqlo The Cricket Played On.

 There is another fashion collaboration hitting Uniqlo stores on August 31st!   Jun Takahashi from Undercover is the designer pairing up with the fashion power house to give us their Fall/Winter 2012-13 collections. Now I like the pieces they’re created, not loving though.  Just hoping that the photos aren’t doing the clothes justice, because my drooling reflex hasn’t kicked in, but the life-size insects, I want one!  Just so we can play the blues together all night long!

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