Men Style: Fashion Imitation Is The Sincerest…

If I were a boy

SheInside Green Fur Hooded Drawstring Coat $69 // Topshop Knitted Jumper $76 // Topshop Moto Black Skinny Leigh Jeans $76 // Topshop Two Tone Zigzag Snood $32 // Swell Brixton Count Hat $75

I’ve been browsing through street-style photographs of the men stomping around during men’s fashion week in Paris for two weeks now.  Scrolling through the photos like a teen cyber-stalking her favorite boy band.

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Monday Men Style: Well Suited.

I know you guys are visual creatures, so just like in school, pay attention to the picture.  Even though this guide is focusing on how a suit should fit, use this image as reference next time to decide to get a tailored blazer, or pants, a tux, anything on your back that you’ll like to make an impression with.

How a Suit Should Fit by Primer Magazine

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Monday Men Style: Bonded By 007

Someone is keeping tabs of what all the James Bonds have been up to.  The amount of people they’ve killed, and their kissing records are being shared just to show that Bonds like to have their cakes and kill them too.

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Touch Some Velvet Real Good!

One pretty dress, three beautiful looks.  This Gypsy Junkies Dylan Bustier Dress was originally meant for a holiday story I was putting together, but with my impatience I needed to share it NOW!  Patience is a virtue, ….I’m typing that while nodding my head no and don’t you agree? With this burn-out velvet piece, I couldn’t just do one head-to-toe look.  The more the merrier, and easier on the wallet is what we all like.

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