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Monday Men Style: Blue Man Crew

menstyle blue man crew 7

menstyle blue man crew 8

Last year, for my birthday, I sent a request to friends to dress in their woven best and serve me their fiercest Canadian Tux look. A blue crew collection of photos would have been the visual gift to cherish, and with so many brilliant, creative people around me, the result would have been the sickest collage, and time stamp for all to reflect on.

Unfortunately the collage never happened, due to the fact that less than a handful of my peeps shared with me their Canadian best and getting creative people to do anything, much less anything in a timely fashion, is a mission impossible for even Tom Cruise to accomplish.

Since my project is still “pending,” I’ve had to move on to other head-to-hem blue getups, and they might as well be the opposite sex wearing very stylish blue-colored ensembles better than they would tailored suits on a Sunday!

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Hoping For What? My Own New Year.

be hopeful
I started an open letter to myself Dec 31st 2013, reflecting and biding the year goodbye, to get things started on a more positive note in 2014.  I did the same thing the year before and finished it in less than an hour; gif and all.  Unfortunately when it came time to let the words flow, hours before ringing in 2014, I just couldn’t do it.  I never finished that letter, and I haven’t touched it since.  I didn’t really know why I couldn’t just type away the year I had, and get excited like most people around me did. I’m guess it wasn’t my time to celebrate another year because I wouldn’t have meant it. Continue reading “Hoping For What? My Own New Year.” »

One Splurge Several Steals: Black and White

RomeoStyle’s 25 Days of Christmas. Day 22

Monday Men Style: Casey Neistat

His appearance, the way he carries himself, how he presents himself to the world! When we talk about a man’s style the first thing that comes to mind is a gentleman’s attire and how he puts its all together, well this week the clothes are taking a back burner to the movie-making manner and how filmmaker Casey Neistat presents his body of work to us.

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Wedding Time: Part Two

2.Another obsession of mine when it comes to wedding outfits would be the separates. All the time and money that went into searching for your look will not go in vain when you wear two pieces.  A blouse or top paired with trousers or a skirt, gives those clothes an extended lifespan instead of just that one day, that one wedding ceremony, that one toast to show it off.

wedding looks separates 2013

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It’s a Met Gala Kind of Day.


Not too sweet, nor too glamorous.  Rough around the edges with boots and a Mohawk to a gala, now that is my kind of party!

Tonight the Metropolitan Museum of Art will host it’s annual Costume Institute Benefit, better know as the Met Gala, with this year’s theme being Punk: Chaos to Couture. Continue reading “It’s a Met Gala Kind of Day.” »

Men Style: Fashion Imitation Is The Sincerest…

If I were a boy

SheInside Green Fur Hooded Drawstring Coat $69 // Topshop Knitted Jumper $76 // Topshop Moto Black Skinny Leigh Jeans $76 // Topshop Two Tone Zigzag Snood $32 // Swell Brixton Count Hat $75

I’ve been browsing through street-style photographs of the men stomping around during men’s fashion week in Paris for two weeks now.  Scrolling through the photos like a teen cyber-stalking her favorite boy band. Continue reading “Men Style: Fashion Imitation Is The Sincerest…” »

Monday Men Style: Well Suited.

I know you guys are visual creatures, so just like in school, pay attention to the picture.  Even though this guide is focusing on how a suit should fit, use this image as reference next time to decide to get a tailored blazer, or pants, a tux, anything on your back that you’ll like to make an impression with.

How a Suit Should Fit by Primer Magazine