Fashion’s Winter to Spring Swap-A-Derby

romeostyle Spring Swap-A-Derby 8

I don’t recall the last time I’ve felt so full of excited to start a new season! It’s like your own Fear Factor episode of sixty minutes where you can win fifty thousand dollars after you’ve been tortured through three challenges. Our challenge was a harsh winter that lasted five months,  and unlike the show, we’ll have to create our own happiness.  

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Stop Your Shoulder Slinging Ways

A few weeks ago, I shared my feelings about men wearing their coats without putting their arms through the sleeves (See Here.) Shoulder slinging on men is best left for the pimps to swagger on with, but now it’s time to address those women who’ve hit the repeat button one too many times with this street-style craze of wearing their coats on their shoulders.  If you needed a clearer sign that things have gotten out of control with shoulder slinging, I ask to take a look at exhibit labeled “REALLY.”


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Fashion Spring Proofing Part II: The BS

romeostyle bags and shoes spring 2014

Good BS on you could be empowering, and knowing the type of BS you’ll need for the seasons ahead will keep others in check while you serve them chicness effortlessly.   The Bag and Shoe Trends of 2014 are worth slipping into and holding on to a little closer than other things in your life.  Your loved ones will understand.

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