Styling Tips: The Velvet and Fur Effect.

Velvet to the touch. The luxurious fabric has resurfaced this year, and I favor it’s use during the holiday season for our party looks.  It’s also a good way to get the one you love to be touchy feely all night long.

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Lady In Red, White and Fedora.

I look at wearing white after labor day like eating fruit cake long after Christmas. Gimme more if taste good and I’ll gladly wear white to stand out among others who will most likely wear the darker colors during the fall/winter.

Dietitian, and friend Paola Mora may have something to say about my love of fruit cake “all in moderation,” but she has no problems with wearing white long after the month of September, so much I got her to model the angelic color.

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Fashion Q&A: Fashionable During Winter Weddings

Question: I have three weddings to attend during the coldest months of the year. Two black-ties and one cocktail attire.  All of them are in the northeast and I live in Florida. Any Ideas?

Answer: This is something I can relate to since I have a winter wedding to attend also, but to help I tried looking for items which can be worn again.  Layering well is what I love to do since it saves money, and allows me to create countless options for the wedding, holiday parties and beyond.

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Deals Galore: Fashion Copy Catting

Imitation is the best form of flattery.   The fashion advisers we all hail to, plus a small group of street-stylers who have perfected the strut, stop, and stare looks get the well-deserved attention from all during fashion week.  They are also the lucky ones to get their skinny bodies into garments, shoes and accessories hot off the runways.  Therefore you can’t blame us if the uniform effect has become part of our culture.

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