Style Tips: A Short Shift of Color.

short shift color

This is my last week of spring classes at FIT, blow the trumpets! I’m not excited just because the semester is coming to an end, but it’s also the amount of time I’ll have to share my stories, projects, tons of fashion advice! But, right now things are looking brighter, shorter and chicer as we enjoy our spring days.

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Style Tips: “Hide Me” Sweat Said “Hide Me.”

romeostyle tipster 042113

When you’re a slave to fashion, if there is a will you’ll find a way. Just so happens I’ve found several in order to keep my nickname Ms. Cheeky and avoid being called Ms. Sweaty Checks. I’m a sweater, through the pores that is. It’s a sweating problem that I’ve suffered from most of my life, which makes me an expert on this topic.  Through trial and damp error, I’ve figured out which garments to wear during certain seasons of the year, from the fabrics that are sweat friendly to undergarments which prevents those embarrassing moments from happening. 

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New Ways Of Doing Fashion Week Things

So what is a girl to do when mother nature sent us her own dress code memo in the form of a snow storm?  When showing arms and legs is not even an option unless you’re willing to freeze your barely-there behinds off or wear towering, strappy heels at your own risk.  Unless you don’t mind photographers  featuring you in their timberrrr page category.

Fashion’s elite know’s how to keep the focusing on those things that matter like outerwear, accessories and handbags, when the garments closest to the bodies can’t be used for fashion week’s show and tell. romeostyle tipster bags handheld

Handbags are held in hands not swung on shoulders.

romeostyle tipster hat scene

Hats have stolen the street-style show

romeostyle tipster belted outerwear

Belt everything.

romeostyle tipster double outerwear

A jacket and coat together is what the doctor ordered

romeostyle tipster bright outerwear

Color will always be your friend, from the hot summer summer nights and cold winter days.

PH:, Jak&Jil, Harpers Bazaar, StreetFSN


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Styling Tipster: For The Love of Jewelry.

The cold weather will not prevent some of us from shining bright with the help of beautiful jewelry.  The holiday season just ended,  but that is not a reason to put away your statement jewels.  With the new year, try these new styling tips.

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