Monday Men Style: Goodbye To 2013 with Twelve

I tried, I really did. I wanted to, but couldn’t every week.  Monday Men Style stories were suppose to be my weekly project I all-to-happily assigned to myself for 2013.  To write and share images of those men who did right by me and many others in several stimulating ways!  These gents were creative enough to rock clothes that suited their own personal style and body types, having us desire them and some of the goodies in their closets!

There were weeks when school and work projects kept me away from sharing the “FINE” stuff, but it’s all the feedback and comments from you all, plus the power of a good suit on a broad back, that had me creating stories in the wee hours of the some mornings and will continue to do so!  Before 2014 gets here, let’s reminisce about the good things some men have done in 2013 for the fashion world or how they just tickled our fancy.  Ok my fancy!

January: You Hunk of A Trendsetter.

men style  hat

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Monday Men Style: My Kind of Santa

Monday Men Style Ken Santa Claus 14

Monday Men Style Ken Santa Claus 18

Imagine Santa in his heydays with the beard and mustache, before he settled down at the North Pole. Imagine him being a city man, walking and biking instead of having to rely on reindeers to carry him around. I see the cause of his weight gain.

Imagine Santa before he meet Mrs. Claus being the man who preferred naughty over nice and didn’t wait to kiss under any mistletoes.

Imagine Santa not looking anything like someone who should be called Old Saint Nick, but will be called Saint of my…. You finish that sentence how you see fit after feasting your eyes on the the Ken Claus finalists of 2013. 

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Monday Men Style: Velvet To The Touch

men style velvet looks

As if men couldn’t get any smoother.

It’s been weeks since I’ve shared my love of men and their stylish wicked ways. Now to come back just in time to see the rougher of the two sexes get into the holiday spirit, lets take some time to admire those who are man enough to wear a smoother softer side on their shoulders, feet or around their necks.

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Monday Men Style: Video Back In

I’ve been away for almost two weeks, yet it feels like an eternity.  Time is what I lack with school projects taking most of it away from me sharing my nasty fashion, lustful habits with you all.  I’m working on getting as much posted as I possibly can before “Time” takes me away again.  Speaking of the tick-tocking… it’s been quite some time since I’ve shared a reel or two from one of my favorite sources of inspiration,

michael pitt for rag & Bone

So, for your viewing pleasure this Monday, I present to you…

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