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Monday Men Style: Instead of the Black and White Cookie

men style black white aug 14_3

I do have a special sweet tooth for black and white photographs.  The moments captured forever.  The subtraction of several distractions allowing you to focus on the key ingredient in each of these sweet-looking, timeless images. 

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Monday Men Style: Lapels Sitting Pretty

men style adorned  chests 13

men style adorned  chests

It’s all on the chest baby. Be it for sultry, professional, envious or deliberately diverting attention from another part of the body to the chest, we ladies use necklaces, chokers, even brooches to draw all types of attention to our chests for various reasons.

Our male counterparts may not use jewels as much as the ladies, but when it comes to drawing attention to their chests, men sure know how to make small pieces of fabric like neckties with embroidered details, cloth-covered pins, and handkerchiefs, give gems a run for their money.

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