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Monday Men Style: Casey Neistat Does It Again

travel with style caset neistat

One of the most creative people behind the lenses, filmmaker Casey Nesitat has teamed up to J.Crew to show men how to “ Travel With Style” while modeling the new addition to the J.Crew Ludlow collection, the Ludlow Traveler Suit which is stain-resistant, breathable light and wrinkle-resistant.  If you’re familiar with Casey Nesitat’s projects and his adventurous approach to filming, you know the treat you’re in for with this video. Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Casey Neistat Does It Again” »

Monday Men Style: Love A Backview

menstyle backview 19

menstyle backview

Hate to see you go but love to watch you leave. Love to watch the broad strong backs holding up the jackets that I may need to take in, the backpacks that I’ve deemed unisex or some cool hats that are big enough to stuff my afro under.     Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Love A Backview” »

Monday Men Style: Gloved Ones

menstyle gloved ones 5

menstyle gloved ones 6

Having ten fingers covered in so much style, or having gloves covering ten fingers that need to be manicured. That’s the thing about dressing certain parts of the body well, it can hide a problem area or showcase a part of your body that you’ll like to get a lot of attention.
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Monday Men Style: No Color In The Stars

Monday Men Style: Shoulder Slingers

menstyle shoulder slingers 4

The true pimp daddies of Europe were winning last week during Men’s Fashion Week!  Stylish gents have picked up where their female counterparts left off during last year’s fashion months’ worldwide.  When women drape coats over their shoulders they look regal, magnificent, and chic.   Continue reading “Monday Men Style: Shoulder Slingers” »