Monday Men Style: Santa for Mama

romeostyle young santa 2

The jig is up Ole St. Nick.  The kids are no longer the ones you need to make happy during the holiday season. Parents are spilling the peppermint jelly beans and letting the young ones know who’s putting the gifts under the trees.  You have to change your demographic Santa.  Mummies are usually the ones making Christmas happen, so why are they not getting any bearded love?  Nothing wrong with having an attractive, lean somewhat mean looking, bearded man, with some tats asking us ladies what we want for Christmas?

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Monday Men Style: Holiday Crooners with Style

nat king cole frank sinatra dean martin

They just don’t sing it like they use to. Timeless Christmas carols are from the legends, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby, and the king with the smoothest voice of them all, Nat King Cole.

It comes as no surprise that these gents who made millions of people feel the holiday spirit with their voices, were snappy dressers.

Not all Christmas gifts should come wrapped in pretty paper and delivered by a man a red suit and red hat. A man dressed in a button-down white shirt and a fedora tiled to the side,  singing “White Christmas” would be a gift by itself. Preferably I’ll be L.A or Miami and the snow would be from a machine.

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Monday Men Style: Red Is Your Color

menstyle in red 3

No need to dress in all red our special Santa Clauses, just a dash of red your own stylish way while delivering everything on our Christmas lists will make us happy gals!  In return you just might get a kiss, not the PG Jackson 5 carol version!(wink)

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