Yearbook of Balenciaga and Ghesquiere.

“When he (Ghesquière) started Balenciaga in ’97, he was designing uniforms for Air France,” François-Henri Pinault. Fifteen years later and Nicolas Ghesquiere evolved not just his designing techniques, but also the great fashion house of Balenciaga, putting the brand among the greatest with handbags, shoes and accessories designed by Ghesquiere, that are collectors items and clothes that requires their own silhouette category. Nicolas GhesquiereBalenciaga has been the perfect fashion formula, with design hits putting them into the history books almost every year in the last decade.   Upon hearing the news of Ghesquiere’s departure from his position as creative director of the fashion house, I decided to revisit some of Mr. Ghesquiere’s body of work and create my own Fashion year book, before Taschen publishes theirs.

How do you take some of the best moments from a legend in fashion and try to fit everything you love about that designer on the least amount of pages? Ha right, I didn’t.  Since most of us are visual creatures, therefore I created an ebook filled with photos from every spring/summer fall/winer campaigns Nicolas Ghesquiere has been behind.

Now Nicolas Ghesquiere’s sucessor, Alexander Wang, has some work ahead of him; continuing what Nicolas has paved out, draped for him to live up to. Best of luck, Wang.


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Attention: Beauty is the New Fashion

There is a statement that Tiffany Godoy made which I think some designers out there should pay attention to before they completely pass over the cloning side.  “Today we are inundated with fashion images and we see so many of the same clothes all the time, so it seems that makeup is where we can really express individuality and uniqueness.”

The face has begun a new place to experiment with prints, color-blocking and fashion trends that can be washed off at the end of the night.   Editor-in-Chief of Japanese fashion magazine The Reality Show,  Tiffany Godoy and Art Director Tomoyuki Yonezu co-created this film which features models painted by some of the industry’s most sought-after makeup artists who reinterpreted fall/winter 12 runway trends.

Beauty is the New Fashion on

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My Instagram Business.

While working in my office aka New York City, sometimes a photo and a few words are needed to share the moments. So on days when you do see anything on, my Instagram is going strong.  Check out some of my photos with captions.

See No Evil on a rainy NYC night.

Minimarket S/S13 boots. Closing my eyes & doing my “Wish I May” jingle in my head.

Altewaisome knows what priority at Capsule show Food & Fashion. My type of peoples!!

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How I Spent My September.

It seems as though my entire summer was the month of September.  July and August were quite compared to exciting chaos September served me from beginning to end.  In 30 days I managed to traveled the NYC world and the seven train lines, in the name of fashion. Pss: I was listening to Eurythmics “Sweet Dreams

There were so many things that happened in one month, why would I bother writing about it when we all know pictures are better than words.

So I’m taking back to my head-of-the-classroom days.

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