Lanvin and H&M Broke the Camel’s Back.

Some time in the near past, on a cold winter morning, I woke up earlier than usual for a special adventure. An adventure I didn’t realize would put my life at risk. But I should of realized that something so rare at the time would have people going crazy and fighting for the small portions given, but I would find this out quickly that morning.

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Good Hair:Wanting What We Don’t Have.

This is a story of a woman called Goldilocks. She lived in Russia the first 18 years of her life until a year and a half ago when she moved to New York City.  To some people Goldilocks had what others may have wished for, long, straight and blond hair.  Men loved it, women envied it, so you would think Goldilocks would be happy with the type of hair she was born with and content just the way she was?  Quite the opposite in this story.

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Just Asking For It. Clog Me.

Swedish Hasbeens Clogs

Can’t do it, can’t do it, cant do.  Getting on the  clog bandwagon has been a back and forth dilemma for almost a year now.  I like to stay ahead of the trends, and wearing clogs before the masses was my initial plan, but unfortunately the selection at the time would of done me more harm than good. Why should I put on plain black clogs?  The same black clogs that were in style almost a decade ago? Have we not evolved in our designing abilities?
Then Proenza Schouler proved me wrong, with their version of the clogs and I was back on along with everyone else it seemed..

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Amy Martino Can You Draw Me?

My never ending search for shoes tends to take me into different directions and I’m always find more than I suppose to, but in the end,  a smile is on my face.  Just the case with my search for a new pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes online.  I came across the Illustration below, created by graphic designer Amy Martino.

Amy Martino Illustration for Jeffrey Campbell
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