Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup


Back in the Mix

It may be the beginning of August, but it’s nearing the end of the summer and whether you’re going back to school, or work (do we ever get time off) September blesses us with the “back to business” mentality. I personally love it, mostly for the Fall fashion! This week’s roundup has a great mix of workwear, back to school, and a few tidbits about your professional career. Of course, there’s a bit of fashion links just because…

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup!


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Head-Wrapping Moments

head wraps and turbans

For the love of head wraps came about because of my lazy ways.  My Afro may look cool, and help me add at least a foot to my height, but with my extremely curly hair, and the unavoidable tangles at the end of the day, combing/picking out my hair with an Afro pic everyday started to take it’s toll on my hair.  I’m also a less is more gal with hair and beauty maintenance , so if I have to spend more time on my hair each day than the amount of time it takes me to prepare and eat a meal, I have a problem with that.  

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McQueen Said Pearls Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

alexander mcqueen fall 2013

ph: Vogue

If you could walk on rose petals or pearls which one would you chose?  Rose petals are much easier for royalty to show their regal strut, but if walking on pearls made that walk much more majestic, imperial, you’ll happily keep those petals on the stems, and glide in  on some pearly soles.

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Rite Of Chanel Passage.

Should it be the classic Chanel jacket, the quilted handbag?  Maybe it’s Chanel perfume/cologne or all of the above!

To call any one of those a rite of passage from the legendary fashion house just doesn’t  have the same effect now that it did about a decade ago.  To own a piece of Chanel then was a sign of success and wealth.  You may have inherited your bag as a family heirloom, and you cherished it by taking it out on only special occasions.


Fast forward to present day and everybody is carrying that quilted double C thing, even the babies.  

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