Watchful Wednesday: “The Future of Flesh” for Prada

prada x luke gildordprada x luke gildord 3

I never imagined the day would come that Jane Fonda would frighten the heck out of me while offering presents, but this short film featuring the feminist’s voice made it sound haunting to accept gifts of Prada.   Continue reading “Watchful Wednesday: “The Future of Flesh” for Prada” »

Stop Your Shoulder Slinging Ways

A few weeks ago, I shared my feelings about men wearing their coats without putting their arms through the sleeves.  Shoulder slinging on men is best left for the pimps to swagger on with, but now it’s time to address those women who’ve hit the repeat button one too many times with this street-style craze of wearing their coats on their shoulders.  If you needed a clearer sign that things have gotten out of control with shoulder slinging, I ask to take a look at exhibit labeled “REALLY.”

STOP THE SHOULDER SLINGING Continue reading “Stop Your Shoulder Slinging Ways” »

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup March 20th



This week in fashion has been bittersweet. First we lost a very talented woman, L’Wren Scott. Then the end of a particularly brutal Winter, Spring has officially begun. It’s the changing of the guard, endings and beginnings, reminding us that nothing is forever. We have several links that challenge both old ideas (racism, sexism, both) and how to bring in the new (setting our Spring budget, getting to the gym, improving our diets) and even a nicely written post sympathizing with Fashion Blogger’s significant others — they have it so hard putting up with us!

Links à la Mode: March 20th

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Fashion Spring Proofing.

romeostyle spring proofing

A fashion advisory is in effect for us before spring arrives.  Due to the awful treatment we’ve received from Mother Nature this winter, let’s acknowledge that the first few days we get anything above 60 degrees, all of our common sense will go out the window, and we’ll shop like clothes-starving zombies for things we have no business buying. Drunk in Trends. That’s what that is, and at the end of it all, you’ll be rolling around on the ground alright, but not like Beyonce on a beach shaking your hips. You’ll be on your cold apartment floor throwing a fit wondering where did all of your money go?  This year we should take some knuckle cracking time aside to prepare our wardrobes, wallets and still look “Flawless!” Continue reading “Fashion Spring Proofing.” »

Hoping For What? My Own New Year.

be hopeful
I started an open letter to myself Dec 31st 2013, reflecting and biding the year goodbye, to get things started on a more positive note in 2014.  I did the same thing the year before and finished it in less than an hour; gif and all.  Unfortunately when it came time to let the words flow, hours before ringing in 2014, I just couldn’t do it.  I never finished that letter, and I haven’t touched it since.  I didn’t really know why I couldn’t just type away the year I had, and get excited like most people around me did. I’m guess it wasn’t my time to celebrate another year because I wouldn’t have meant it. Continue reading “Hoping For What? My Own New Year.” »

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup


Back in the Mix

It may be the beginning of August, but it’s nearing the end of the summer and whether you’re going back to school, or work (do we ever get time off) September blesses us with the “back to business” mentality. I personally love it, mostly for the Fall fashion! This week’s roundup has a great mix of workwear, back to school, and a few tidbits about your professional career. Of course, there’s a bit of fashion links just because…

Links à la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup!


Head-Wrapping Moments

head wraps and turbans

For the love of head wraps came about because of my lazy ways.  My Afro may look cool, and help me add at least a foot to my height, but with my extremely curly hair, and the unavoidable tangles at the end of the day, combing/picking out my hair with an Afro pic everyday started to take it’s toll on my hair.  I’m also a less is more gal with hair and beauty maintenance , so if I have to spend more time on my hair each day than the amount of time it takes me to prepare and eat a meal, I have a problem with that.   Continue reading “Head-Wrapping Moments” »

McQueen Said Pearls Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

alexander mcqueen fall 2013

ph: Vogue

If you could walk on rose petals or pearls which one would you chose?  Rose petals are much easier for royalty to show their regal strut, but if walking on pearls made that walk much more majestic, imperial, you’ll happily keep those petals on the stems, and glide in  on some pearly soles. Continue reading “McQueen Said Pearls Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” »

Rite Of Chanel Passage.

Should it be the classic Chanel jacket, the quilted handbag?  Maybe it’s Chanel perfume/cologne or all of the above!

To call any one of those a rite of passage from the legendary fashion house just doesn’t  have the same effect now that it did about a decade ago.  To own a piece of Chanel then was a sign of success and wealth.  You may have inherited your bag as a family heirloom, and you cherished it by taking it out on only special occasions.


Fast forward to present day and everybody is carrying that quilted double C thing, even the babies.   Continue reading “Rite Of Chanel Passage.” »

What’s In Your Bag? Birchbox Girls Part 1

We are all nosey creatures in one way or another, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty.  We would buy those gossip magazines in a heartbeat just to see which celebrity is carrying what in their handbags, clutches or miniaudiere which were picked out for them by a team of stylists (It Takes A Village…).  I figured out a long time ago, my fellow fashion, and beauty comrades are the ones with the good stuff.  They are the experts, who carry their own villages in mobile neighborhoods (handbags).  Last year, just as New York City was getting it’s chill on, we ladies swapped out the summer necessities from our handbags for products to survive the fall/winter blues.  I figured who better to have spill the goodies from their handbags than some of the Birchbox’s finest!  Yes people, expect the expected and then some.  Pretty makeup and beauty products in prettier cases and an infamous sack.

Rachel bag 1

Continue reading “What’s In Your Bag? Birchbox Girls Part 1” »

Beware Of A Woman Creating A Man’s Shadow

Wouldn’t it be refreshing and inspiring to see an innovative fashion week presentation that would have all walks of life in awe?  It may not involve models walking down a runway or staring in a street-style saga but something that those who may not care much for fashion shows, will want to watch again. Continue reading “Beware Of A Woman Creating A Man’s Shadow” »

Illustrations. New Stories To Tell

Created in 2011

Friend: Why did you stop your illustrations?

Moi: I don’t know.. I got distracted with work?

Friend: You no longer work there so why not start again?

Moi: Don’t know why…my heart isn’t in it right now.

After my response, I took a painful gulp, and faked a smile.  I did get distracted with the job I held at the time. I lost focus on what I loved doing, creating art and designing, instead I was working on daily reports or inventory, sitting in meetings, buying, displaying, complaining, some more ings occupied my life, putting my illustrations into an untouched file on my external drive.  Some of them waiting to be finished others, completed but never published.

It takes one person who I least expected, to bring it all to the surface.  An old fan and buyer of my illustrations reaching out to me like a long lost lover.  I never meet the person face to face, but his email was so touching, it made me take another gulp, this time it was a gulp filled with guilt. Guilt for not doing something with my God given talent. Guilt for browsing through countless magazines, looking at images which could of been perfect starting points for my illustrations, and not doing anything thing with pages.  Not scanning them for future reference.  Not altering them to my liking.  Not creating my own visual stories from those that Elle, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue try to tell us within their glossies.

So this weekend, I’m taking a leap of faith on working on an e-store to sell some my illustrations. I’m also going to work on some new pieces by browsing, scanning, cutting, some more ings and I will have a new piece completed before the end of the weekend.

To create the type of illustrations I did, over a year ago, will not happen overnight, but I have to start somewhere and the process begins with applying the first layer to an image.