Hoping For What? My Own New Year.

be hopeful
I started an open letter to myself Dec 31st 2013, reflecting and biding the year goodbye, to get things started on a more positive note in 2014.  I did the same thing the year before and finished it in less than an hour; gif and all.  Unfortunately when it came time to let the words flow, hours before ringing in 2014, I just couldn’t do it.  I never finished that letter, and I haven’t touched it since.  I didn’t really know why I couldn’t just type away the year I had, and get excited like most people around me did. I’m guess it wasn’t my time to celebrate another year because I wouldn’t have meant it.
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What’s In Your Bag: Sell Me Fashion

The life of a fashion showroom representative is one of modern day nomad.  They’re always on the go, traveling all over the world, entrusted with one of the most important jobs in fashion and to a designer, selling a collection to buyers.  Showroom reps make it look so easy, and Lisa Pastrich from Twnz showroom in New York is one that does it with a million dollar smile. She is part of a team responsible for brands like Muubaa, La Mer Collection, Blaque Label and Gypsy Junkies, to name a few.  She doesn’t have the luxury of not being on her A-game at all times, therefore the tools needed to maintain her appearance have to fit into a handbag that is small in appearance, but can hold its weight among a tote or two, literally.  One afternoon, just before the fashion month chaos we love so much, I asked Lisa if she wouldn’t mind sharing the everyday essentials a traveler like herself never leaves the house without.

I learned several new things that afternoon.

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Lights, Camera, Make-Up!

Even though we’re in the middle of the summer season with days that feels as though we’re the turkey being baked on Thanksgiving Day, most of us don’t want to think about trying on, much less buying our Fall/Winter clothes quite yet. But the F/W ‘12 makeup looks off the runways can be fun to try out with friends!  Make a party out of it.
I”m lucky enough to be friends with a talented makeup artist, Lindsay Cullen, who was all to happy to join me and a couple of other friends who modeled some Fall/Winter makeup looks in this video.


Lights, Camera, Make-Up! from Camko Creative on Vimeo.

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Monday Men Style: Andre 3000 Where Have You Been?

Photo from GQ.com

Gillette, thank  you, for those ads featuring good-looking models, athletes, and various performers showing us how they get rid of the midnight shadow, and put their best faces forward after a coupe of strokes using your products.  A special thank you for featuring Andre 3000 in your Gillette Masters of Style Ad. A video to watch him talk about his style over and over again, with that voice, no complaints, just wishing for more.
Low and behold I have another thank you for GQ.com.

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