Forget Ring, Put A Pearl On It.

put a pearl on it 16 liv tyler

Listening to “Single Ladies” while looking at the pearl-rich collections of Alexander McQueen and Chanel has resulted in my post today.  Pearls are timeless, they shows class, and paired with the right look, you’ll be the fashion forward one in the crowd instead of the old-fashioned one who’s granny’s favorite.

Embellishing your clothes and accessories with pearls make more sense over rings,  unless you plan on being a supreme noise maker or the desperate single female version of Geico’s Money Man commercial.

put a pearl on it mcqueen and chanel

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Fashion Deals Galore: Fashion Week Coverings.

romeostyle splurging deals fashion week 2014

The countdown has begun, and its only a matter of days before New York Fashion Week takes its hold over this city. The power of fashion isn’t strong enough to keep us warm during this winter, and since some of the fashion peeps aren’t known as the most pleasant people , who give off warm and fussy feelings to those around them. Therefore expected those sub degrees temperatures to dip even lower, and those winter storms to keep coming. 

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