New York Fashion Week: Band Leaders They Are Not.

I finally got a chance to review New York Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2011 collections. After seeing the minimal silhouettes and the neutral color palette over and over again from designers, the missing prints and fun colors we love for the sunny seasons had me wondering what got into these designers? Why so simple minded about what we should be wearing next year. I pondered and wondered, then came to a conclusion. The heat wave of 2010 did it to them!

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Now You See It, Now You Don’t: Kenzo F/W’08

Music videos are so out, fashion videos ruled now and I took it back to 2008. Came across this video from Kenzo’s F/W ’08 collection and fell in love with the clothes.  But the best part is the finale that was brief but made an impression!


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Spray On The T-Shirt Of Your Liking.

Clothes in liquid form? When I was studying different fabrics at F.I.T my teacher  never told me about this. Must of been because he didn’t know about Spanish designer Manel Torres.

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I Wish I May: Bag-A-Ton.

No outfit is complete without a good bag and for me I’m happy with the big ones.  Something that is big enough for me to carry my macbook, camera, wallet and everything else needed while I’m out and about.  So I like bags that can hold a lot but doesn’t look like a mini-house.  I found some great ones for Fall and slightly smaller handbags for the nights out.

From above from left to right:  Alexander Wang Slouchy Hobo $850 Alexander Wang Diego Bucket Bag $895 & Diesel Black Gold New Louis Caryall $380.

Above from left to right: Kimchi Blue O Ring Crossbody $38   Foley + Corinna Cross-Body Bag, $495 and Cooperative Mixed Media Satchel in Grey $78

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