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Clutches Full of Character

statement bags  2014 22

The pets you’ll never have to feed or pick up after.

The books you’ll never have to read, but will look like you did.

Sweet treats that will remain sweet spots.

The quotes, sexy facial expressions or quick answers you can give without breaking your vow of silence.

During Fall/Winter 2014 Fashion Week presentations, around the world, the streets were talking by means of the quirky bags show-goers carried around from one city to another. Continue reading “Clutches Full of Character” »

Fashion Spring Proofing.

romeostyle spring proofing

A fashion advisory is in effect for us before spring arrives.  Due to the awful treatment we’ve received from Mother Nature this winter, let’s acknowledge that the first few days we get anything above 60 degrees, all of our common sense will go out the window, and we’ll shop like clothes-starving zombies for things we have no business buying. Drunk in Trends. That’s what that is, and at the end of it all, you’ll be rolling around on the ground alright, but not like Beyonce on a beach shaking your hips. You’ll be on your cold apartment floor throwing a fit wondering where did all of your money go?  This year we should take some knuckle cracking time aside to prepare our wardrobes, wallets and still look “Flawless!” Continue reading “Fashion Spring Proofing.” »

One Piece / Several Looks: Pastel Biker Jackets


Beautiful spring days are ahead of us, and to be chicly ready to fit in when that season becomes our present state-of-mind we should start with the right outerwear to show our seasonal spirit!  I’m starting with biker leather jackets in fun pastel colors.  It’s the perfect transition piece to wear from winter into spring, and on those rare chilly nights during the early summer. Continue reading “One Piece / Several Looks: Pastel Biker Jackets” »

Men’s Fashion Inspired: Nick Wooster to Thank.

Style Tips: Feathered After The Holidays

romeostyle feather skirt styled looks

Don’t let a good thing go to waste, especially when it comes to your coveted pieces of fashion you purchased during the most wonderful time of the year. For some of us, wearing festive fashion pieces anytime other than the holidays, is a risk you’re not comfortable taking. Continue reading “Style Tips: Feathered After The Holidays” »

Sunnies Honey?

There are certain things we shouldn’t have to say goodbye to once mother nature decides to change her mood season on us. It’s obvious that our love of the framed beauties have grown over time and showing them off for only four months out of the year just will not work.  If some of us have found ways to wear strappy summer heels or platforms in the winter (we’ll share in the near future), then giving some shade while wearing a fall jacket shouldn’t be a bad thing.

All-year-round your eyes need protection, and sunglasses are the perfect accessories to keep you looking stylish.

Now which sunglasses style works for which face?

DS cat eye sunglasses

Continue reading “Sunnies Honey?” »

Lady In Red, White and Fedora.

I look at wearing white after labor day like eating fruit cake long after Christmas. Gimme more if taste good and I’ll gladly wear white to stand out among others who will most likely wear the darker colors during the fall/winter.

Dietitian, and friend Paola Mora may have something to say about my love of fruit cake “all in moderation,” but she has no problems with wearing white long after the month of September, so much I got her to model the angelic color.

Continue reading “Lady In Red, White and Fedora.” »

Deals Galore: Fashion Copy Catting

Imitation is the best form of flattery.   The fashion advisers we all hail to, plus a small group of street-stylers who have perfected the strut, stop, and stare looks get the well-deserved attention from all during fashion week.  They are also the lucky ones to get their skinny bodies into garments, shoes and accessories hot off the runways.  Therefore you can’t blame us if the uniform effect has become part of our culture.

Continue reading “Deals Galore: Fashion Copy Catting” »

Touch Some Velvet Real Good!

One pretty dress, three beautiful looks.  This Gypsy Junkies Dylan Bustier Dress was originally meant for a holiday story I was putting together, but with my impatience I needed to share it NOW!  Patience is a virtue, ….I’m typing that while nodding my head no and don’t you agree? With this burn-out velvet piece, I couldn’t just do one head-to-toe look.  The more the merrier, and easier on the wallet is what we all like. Continue reading “Touch Some Velvet Real Good!” »

Style Tip: Earrings As Collar Clips GIVEAWAY!

As I’ve said before, I don’t have pierced ears, and see no need to do it now.  Most of my friends never noticed until I pointed it out, (love them) and my love of accessories and jewelry hasn’t been hindered because I lack two more holes on my body.  I’ve just found other creative ways to rock the dangling  beauties.

In a previous post I shared how to wear earrings as brooches (here), now I’m sharing my version of collar clips!  Modeling the look, is my sister who ears also aren’t pierced. Continue reading “Style Tip: Earrings As Collar Clips GIVEAWAY!” »

Fashion Q&A: Ways To Wear Chambray.

Question: I have so many chambray shirts, but don’t know what to wear them with not that it’s getting colder. Do you have any suggestions?

Answer: Chambray or denim dresses and shirts deserves more play time during the fall season.  They’re great transition pieces once paired with sweaters, blazers, trousers or leather for the chilly days ahead. Use chambray as a neutral the way you would use black, brown, grey or nude.

Continue reading “Fashion Q&A: Ways To Wear Chambray.” »