Refined Rebel And Beauty Thanks to Nick Knight.

Its been quite some time since I’ve created a video for my blog. Might of been because there hasn’t been much of anything that motivated me.  Not until I came across a fashion spread in Vogue UK magazine last month that Nick Knight created. For those who don’t know about this brilliant mind, Mr. Knight, he is the director of the famous fashion film website

I hope this video does his work justice.

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Riding Into The Sunset.

Beatrix Ong Picadilly Croc Boot $698 on

Another shopping job that I couldn’t refuse!  Professional dancer turn UN employee, Marysa Dayton, is on the hunt for a cool pair of riding boots.  Not a very simple style of  boot, but still a bit classic.  A pair of riding boots that she can wear for years to come and still look chic every time she puts them on, There is one detail I have to pay attention to for Marysa, she has slim legs, therefore her boots should not be too loose or have a wide opening.  My sister, who is also on the slender side, had a nightmare finding a pair of riding boots earlier in the year until I saved her, so helping Marysa should be a bit easier second time around.

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Go Hard Or Go Home.

Sephora by O.P.I  Sparkle Me Silver Top Coat $9.00 on

About two weeks ago, a friend and I took some time to pamper ourselves after a workout.  Manicure and pedicures were in order and she wanted to add a glittering touch to her 10 fingers and 10 toes. Unfortunately the selection available  at the salon looked like kids play.  If I can count the amount of glitter on my nails after the polish as been applied, we have a problem.

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