RomeoStyle’s 25 Days of Christmas. Day 17

Minas Trend Preview

No See Hear Or Speak Fashion Series: Hats Can Do Much More.

One person’s trash is another person’s masterpiece in the making.   Designer Minas Gerais creations, from the clothes to the accessories, shows her range of creativity during her presentation at Minas Trend Preview Show in Brazil, but her headpieces are what blew my mind.  The hats are made of newspaper, with a paper mache technique that were meticulously crafted, and they vary in shapes and sizes. Who would want to step out the house with any of these on their heads for fear of a terrible wind blowing it off or some rain drops touching these pieces of art?   A place on the wall is where it should be, or on someone’s head during next year’s Met Gala!

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Nigella Miller

No See Hear Or Speak Fashion Series: I See Afros Of Blue.

Adding color to ones look is a beautiful thing. The right colors on the right girl can create a double-take moment, but when I saw Nigella Miller working at Topshop, I just more than a one-two snap, it was a stare down.  No shame, actually stopped paying attention to what she was telling me. Continue reading “No See Hear Or Speak Fashion Series: I See Afros Of Blue.” »

no see hear or speak ysl ss 12

No See Hear Or Speak Fashion Series: Yves Saint Laurent S/S 12

As I was creating this board, Annie Lennox’s song “Sweet Dreams” came on and the timing couldn’t of been better.  A 2 am jam session, and all these thought in my head, no good was going to come of that. I started doing stuff to that song that Annie would either praise me for with or give me a couple of good smacks across my head.  It depends on if she likes the spring/summer 12 collection of YSL shoes. Continue reading “No See Hear Or Speak Fashion Series: Yves Saint Laurent S/S 12” »


The Flower Child No See, Hear or Speak The Evil Stuff.

It’s been months since I’ve posted anything on my No See, Hear or Speak page.  Almost the same amount of time has passed since any of my illustrations have been featured.  I’m making up for lost time here with three illustrations, each showing a new twist on how the beauty of  flowers can keep all the bad stuff away, if used correctly.


No See, Hear Or Speak: A Bow To The McQueen.

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Today is the first anniversary of Alexander McQueen’s death.  I still remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard the tragic news  and trying not to get too emotional about it in that moment. I never meet the man, never shared a work space with him or had him give me words of wisdom, or did I?

It was McQueen’s creations, designing techniques and ability to tell a story with every garment he made, that inspired me to become a better designer and artist, to push myself to do what I love and to think, work and create outside of the box.

So, this man that I admired from a distance, and who secretly spoke to me with his clothes, fashion shows and various artistic projects was in my life, in more ways than some people I see everyday.

He will no longer give us new and fascinating stories or give us gasp moments at his clothes, but with the amount of designs he created before his passing, Alexander McQueen will have us showing and reinterpreting  his visions in more ways than one, for decades to come.