Riding Into The Sunset.

Beatrix Ong Picadilly Croc Boot $698 on Farfetch.com

Another shopping job that I couldn’t refuse!  Professional dancer turn UN employee, Marysa Dayton, is on the hunt for a cool pair of riding boots.  Not a very simple style of  boot, but still a bit classic.  A pair of riding boots that she can wear for years to come and still look chic every time she puts them on, There is one detail I have to pay attention to for Marysa, she has slim legs, therefore her boots should not be too loose or have a wide opening.  My sister, who is also on the slender side, had a nightmare finding a pair of riding boots earlier in the year until I saved her, so helping Marysa should be a bit easier second time around.

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Lanvin and H&M Broke the Camel’s Back.

Some time in the near past, on a cold winter morning, I woke up earlier than usual for a special adventure. An adventure I didn’t realize would put my life at risk. But I should of realized that something so rare at the time would have people going crazy and fighting for the small portions given, but I would find this out quickly that morning.

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