One Strap, Two Straps, Three Straps More

romeostyle Strapification shoe lover

For the love of Strapification.

There are subtle ways to show our inner dominatrix. One would be having our lovers on all four, strapping our feet into some sexy sole-power! Or maybe  a single strap across your toes doesn’t make you feel secure enough, because the second you put more strut in your walk, those pinkie toes are going to start begging for walking-plank mercy.

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Maximized Fashion Drama On The Streets

romeostyle drama in fashion 1

romeostyle drama in fashion 2

Most of us will never walk a red carpet alongside Lupito Nyong, giving her and her styling team a run for their couture money.  Nor will we walk on an international fashion runway wearing a designer outfit that will have Naomi Campbell pissed off because she didn’t get to wear it.  Those moments may not happen to 95% off us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t create our own dramatic fashion moments.

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Sharing Is Caring: His Florals Becomes Yours

menstyle for women 072114

Vince Camuto Metal Accent Floppy Hat $38 // // Spitfire Protopunk Shades $40 // TOPSHOP Floral Camo Print Shirt $70 // Neiman Marcus Seamed Square Faux-Leather Tote Bag $66 // Dune Leeson Woven Slip-On Trainers $77

Boohoo Macy High Rise Super Skinny Jeans $40

Vince Camuto Oversized Fedora Floppy Hat $48  //  Michelle Shades $20 // ASOS Shirt With Floral Print $67 // Nali Mesh Green Multi-pocket Bag $67 // Blue Contrast Sole Laceless Trainers $20

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