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Fashion Films For Your Watchful Wednesday.

i-d mangazine a-z supermodels

Today is officially the last day of winter, and I am not jumping for joy.   We all know winter is still slapping our faces with its chilly ways, and will fight to the bitter end.   Waiting this one out isn’t going to work, therefore let’s watch a few fashion films that will offer some springtime incentives. Anything to get us out of our winter funk sooner than…. how many more weeks to go?

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Woman Of Steel Fashion Position: I Accept!

I’ve been busy working with my partners setting up a business that I cannot wait to share with you’ll next month, but since we have a deadline to meet, it’s crunch time and we’re using our supernatural powers to get things rolling in time for our launch date!

joan smalls woman of steel

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Popping Some Pixels.

Jherin Miller pixels

I’ve been searching for another pixelated series of photos like the 8-bit illustrations project I shared about two years ago. Jherin Miller, a graphic designer and creator of “Where the sun sleeps,” combined 80′s graphics and old-fashion photography to create these cool photographs.  Thank you Miller for making these Polaroids looks as though they needed a couple more shakes.

Jherin Miller pixels 3Jherin Miller pixels 4Jherin Miller pixels 5Jherin Miller pixels 6Jherin Miller pixels 7Jherin Miller pixels 8Jherin Miller pixels 2


PH: Trendland

It’s a Met Gala Kind of Day.


Not too sweet, nor too glamorous.  Rough around the edges with boots and a Mohawk to a gala, now that is my kind of party!

Tonight the Metropolitan Museum of Art will host it’s annual Costume Institute Benefit, better know as the Met Gala, with this year’s theme being Punk: Chaos to Couture. Continue reading “It’s a Met Gala Kind of Day.” »

Think Outside The Box For Prom Part One.

Recently I gave into a request to help a friend who admits to being so fashionably challenged that her daughter was afraid to have her be the only one there when she started looking for her prom dress.

The first though that went through my head was “how old is my friend to have a teenage daughter?”  Second, “am I that old that I have friends with teenage children?”  Yikes. Well with age there is fashion wisdom and the realization that I could go through the entire prom shopping experience vicariously through my friend’s daughter.

I look at proms as the teen version of weddings. A whole lot of fuss, primping, pampering and dressing up without restrictions on your attire.   You can wear white, or ruffle garments in bright colors, you can even wear rompers on prom night!  The options are endless, but I decided to share prom looks that aren’t very traditional, allowing those young ladies to wear these garments or accessories again and not letting it be a one night thing.

Prom Life 4

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romeostyle tumblr 5

Chillin on my Tumblr Corner. You joining?

My obsession with fashion, as I know it, started with glossy pages, and if I had my way I would be sleeping on the magazine collection I once owned. No joke. Before there were e-magazines, online editorial destination or digital versions of our monthly fashion obsessions I had subscriptions to Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, W magazine, Vogue, UK Vogue, UK Elle for almost ten years. A little over 800 hundred magazines, could of made a good base for bed, but having my magazines be 800 hundred reasons for some sleepless nights I just couldn’t do. Continue reading “Chillin on my Tumblr Corner. You joining?” »

McQueen Said Pearls Are A Girl’s Best Friend.

alexander mcqueen fall 2013

ph: Vogue

If you could walk on rose petals or pearls which one would you chose?  Rose petals are much easier for royalty to show their regal strut, but if walking on pearls made that walk much more majestic, imperial, you’ll happily keep those petals on the stems, and glide in  on some pearly soles. Continue reading “McQueen Said Pearls Are A Girl’s Best Friend.” »

Tickle Me A Bit Marco Brambilla.

It’s an early start to my Thursday morning as I write this.  I’ve just finished one project  only to start another right after this post hasn’t been sent.  For those who don’t know, I’m back in school putting my sexy eyeglasses to good use, but in less than a month since the semester started I’ve been slammed with so many papers to write and projects to hand in, I’ve had barely any time to get my RomeoStyling on.  Ohh and let’s not forget it’s still a month of fashion weeks!   I write this during my hour-long break that’s being put to good use. I’m watching my new guilty pleasure, The Walking Dead, eating (of course), and also browsing my favorite fashion websites to tickle my senses.

Somehow I ended up looking at a short film I viewed last year from Marco Brambilla on  Commissioned by Ferrari, the 3D kaleidoscopic video RPM, debuted at Art Basel two years ago.  New York based artist, Brambilla did share the method he used to create such a magnetic film, but right now all I see are pretty psychedelic prints every time I hit the pause button.  Go on you try!

Art Basel Miami: Marco Brambillafrom Chris Wallace on

My break is over.

What A Dream From Bjorg Odyssey

bjorg jewellery DEW_OF_DREAMS_2 bjorg jewellery VALLEY_OF_TEARS

The severed head on the silver platter doesn’t bother me.   Girl cutting her long red hair and naked doesn’t bother me. The model holding an object that looks like a brain doesn’t even phrase me.  What I’m having trouble with is the jewelry feathered in Bjorg’s lookbook didn’t give me a bigger selection pieces to gasp at.  (I am so greedy with food and fashion)

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The Church of Alexander McQueen

alexander mcqueen pre fall 2013 g alexander mcqueen pre fall 2013 f

Imagine the lyrics to Carrie Underwood’s song “ Good Girl ” paired with an original score from composer Hans Zimmer as the soundtrack to Alexander McQueen’s Pre-Fall 2013 collection! It would be the halo to complete the presentation.  This collection must be what Sarah Burton would want the ladies of the church to wear if they ever get promoted beyond nunhood.   Continue reading “The Church of Alexander McQueen” »

Rite Of Chanel Passage.

Should it be the classic Chanel jacket, the quilted handbag?  Maybe it’s Chanel perfume/cologne or all of the above!

To call any one of those a rite of passage from the legendary fashion house just doesn’t  have the same effect now that it did about a decade ago.  To own a piece of Chanel then was a sign of success and wealth.  You may have inherited your bag as a family heirloom, and you cherished it by taking it out on only special occasions.


Fast forward to present day and everybody is carrying that quilted double C thing, even the babies.   Continue reading “Rite Of Chanel Passage.” »