Vital Stats:

Name: Kalyca Romeo

Stomping Ground: Brooklyn, NY

Age: Old enough to love New Kids on the Block, too young for New Edition

Most beloved possessions: Coffee Table Books

Fashion Idol: Bianca Jagger

Several years ago, I had it all figured out. I enrolled in the Fashion Institute for Technology with the full expectation that I’d get my degree and skip on to become an established designer, and just as quickly as I set my sights on that goal, other things got in the way.

Instead of a straight and narrow path, my career has been circuitous, serpentine, bumpy — but above all, educational. Over the past eight years I’ve worked for two fashion designers and two boutiques in positions ranging from Assistant Designer and Account Manager to Merchandiser, Buyer, and Stylist. It’s been a learning experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

The one thing that I have been missing over the years is a creative outlet of my own. Which is where this website comes in. This is my space to experiment and explore, critique and praise. I’ll be writting about my favorite designers, at home and far far away, profiling my most stylish friends and colleagues, sharing advice and styling tips, and much more.

Welcome to Romeo Style, my little slice of the web devoted to high fashion, fashion highs, and everything in between.

  • hey kalyca!
    i love what you write about and how you write!
    really cool.

    was so much fun getting to know you.

    if you want we, R/H, would be more than happy being on your blog one day.

    enjoy the week!

  • Luxleonard

    Your style rocks girrrrl!
    Love Lux*

  • tiaswayxo.blogspot.com

    Very unique. I enjoy reading your blog.

  • K.Romeo

    Thank you very much! Happy New Year. Kalyca

  • Thank you very much.xoxo @sRstyle:twitter 

  • Lady B

    Just discussed your blog and am enjoying go through it! And I love the way you disclosed your age, if you dont mind I’ll be borrowing it! I also had a bumpy Fashion Road, when I left law to pursue fashion. My dream was to own my own fashion print mag, write, style etc. In my journey, I’ve really seen the ugly side of fashion, especially when it comes to companies paying for services rendered, but years on I still love fashion and can see the beautiful things in the industry….