Creative Crushin Wednesday: Avery Nejam

omeostyle creative crushin wednesday

The “Woman Crush Wednesday” / #WCW trend went over my head, and has yet to do any return flights to get me to get into the swing of it.

The trend must have known that what I define as pretty, or the way I crush on people wasn’t going to work for this social media hashtag.  That quite alright, since most of the lovely, creative beings or in this case, women, I’ve met or admire, can’t show all which makes up their beauty with just hitting the send button.  The hashtag did get me thinking thought, and if I don’t feel like joining the #WCW movement, I’ll create my phrase and hashtag to show weekly affection to the things, and people worthy of my crushin time.

Let’s start things off with a sk8r girl!


Avery Nejam, artist and founder of the Candid Observer.  Truer words couldn’t be used for her bold, and imaginative illustrated interpretations of famous faces, and characters from yesteryears to modern-day.

rs_averynejam illustrations2

rs_averynejam illustrations6

rs_averynejam illustrations

rs_averynejam illustrations4

rs_averynejam illustrations3

rs_averynejam illustrations5

Follow Avery and her signature red frames at

Instagram: @averynejam


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