For The Love Of Denim: Overalls’ Performance

romeostyle overalls performance

It isn’t the most flattering silhouette, but overalls are too comfortable not to give it a chance plus there are benefits to wearing it during your grown and sexy years.  A one-piece denim style that is roomy enough on your bloated days, throughout the hot summer, the further away the fabric from our body the better, plus denim overalls get better looking after wear and tear.  Let’s figure out some stylish ways  to make a classic denim piece get its due glory this spring/summer.

Style Tip: Denim overalls that are too big will not only hide your shape, but can also give you more hip action than you asked for.  Going for something tight will have the denim one-piece riding up in all the wrong places on your body.  Finding the right pair of denim overalls is like shopping for the perfect pair of jeans, take the time to do so and your body will thank you.   

romeostyle for the love of denim overalls 2Style Tip:  If you want to avoid looking stocky while wearing overalls, find those where the length is in proportion to your height. While standing, the overalls can fall just below the ankles, folded or not. When purchasing online, best to use the inseam measurement listed on the site, and compare it to length of your body and where you would want it to fall.

Style Tip: The cropped length is also an edgy wear to wear overalls.  Pair them with booties or high heels to achieve a slender, stylish look.

romeostyle for the love of denim overalls 4

Style Tip: The trousers of your overalls should fit without the need of buckling the bib to prevent the overalls from falling to your ankles and giving everyone a show.  Also, when it fits well in the trousers, it gives you more styling choices to let the bib “hang” and create statement-making ensembles.

romeostyle for the love of denim overalls Style Tip: Take your denim overalls from casual wear to proper work attire or a chic outfit for a night out, with the right layers.  Instead of a t-shirt, wear a blouse or an embellished top, add a structured blazer or cool leather jacket.  Leave the converse sneakers for another night and slip on a pair of platforms, stilettos or wedges! Adding jewelry will be the glamorize cherry on top of the look!

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