Fashion Spring Proofing.

romeostyle spring proofing

A fashion advisory is in effect for us before spring arrives.  Due to the awful treatment we’ve received from Mother Nature this winter, let’s acknowledge that the first few days we get anything above 60 degrees, all of our common sense will go out the window, and we’ll shop like clothes-starving zombies for things we have no business buying. Drunk in Trends. That’s what that is, and at the end of it all, you’ll be rolling around on the ground alright, but not like Beyonce on a beach shaking your hips. You’ll be on your cold apartment floor throwing a fit wondering where did all of your money go?  This year we should take some knuckle cracking time aside to prepare our wardrobes, wallets and still look “Flawless!”


Get to researching like the fashion scientists I know you’ll could be.  Create a list of must-have pieces that will be essential for your fashionable take over this year, and if you’re not sure of your next move, seek help from an expert, moi!  Try shopping alone with your designated playlist blasting while in the dressing room, and don’t take your “Yes” friends.  The enablers aren’t the best companions when you’re trying to stay on the righteous shopping path. They’ll help put you in the poor house every time they utter the words ” yes gurllll I think that looks cute on you. Get it”

romeostyle Budget Beauty

Budget Beauty.  Let that be your name while working on the shopping budget that you’ll be sticking to, right?  Decide how much you want to spend every month.  There might be times you’ll spend less than you initially planed to one week, which will give you more to spend another week, but avoid going over the clothing allowance. Carrie on SATC felt as though Vogue feed her better than a meal once a month, but we still need to pay our rent, utilities, transportation, drinks and the social beauty rituals we love doing with friends during the hotter days.  Budget now, avoid the grief later.


Will it work for more than one occasion, more than one season, more than one outfit?  If the answer is no, move on.  The only exception to this would be a wedding dress, and still there are some savvy women who would cut, dye or alter to get more wear out of the most expensive dress they every brought.

Style Tip: Buy things you can wear two or more seasons. Layering right never goes out of style. 

romeostyle_tight no_good

Who can forget Carrie trying on those Manolo Mary Janes.  The heels were a little snug, but she forced her feet into them anyway.  The difference between Carrie and you getting into something a size too small, is that when the director said cut, she took off those patent leather beauties.  This goes not just for shoes, but also garments a size smaller than you are.  Don’t  buy something that doesn’t compliment your body or your lifestyle because everyone else has it, you can afford it, or you’ll eventually wear it when you lose the weight.  Be your own director and stop yourself before becoming the topic of people watchers during a painful walk of shame, literally.

romeostyle 9 to 5 fashion

Working nine to five, ten to six, or freelancers schedule, the clothes we wear while making a living shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Those lasting impressions you make on your co-workers, and superiors usually include your overall appearance.  Therefore take some time to invest in that part of your closet first before buying your next freakum dress.

Next week there will be some BS that you’ll want in your life.


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