Warby Parker Makes Things Clearer in Winter.

Warby Parker Winter Collection

For the love of fashion, we will take full advantage of different seasons each year, and the new fashion pieces we have to acquire.

With at least four major weather seasons around the world, and seven in the fashion world (new inductees are resort, pre-fall and pre-spring,) we have more than enough reasons to get that giddy happy feeling when new garments and accessories touch our bodies.  From my observation, the only season that would be the exception is winter due to added layers and heavy coats.  Being the fashion child I am,  seeing the brighter side of things can be done by moving the focus from our bodies onto our faces; literally!

warby parker winter collection 2

warby parker winter collection 3

Eyewear company, Warby Parker’s Winter Collection, has new shapes and colors to  compliment our winter attire and frame of mind.  While browsing through the collection I noticed the names of the new styles were cool enough to be perfume or cologne names.  Hmmm, selling eyewear with sophisticated names, each for $95!  Me likey, but if some pieces from  Warby Parker’s Winter Collection was accompanied with a scratch ‘n’ sniff packet, of the same title, now that should give us a warm and framed feeling!

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