Monday Men Style: A Dose of Idris Elba


I haven’t been posting as many stories as I did months ago due to my busy schedule. New business and being back in school hasn’t left me much time for anything else, but I try to share at least one story each week.  Since my time is precious, what free time I do have should be spent focusing on the things that bring me pleasure.

A great meal!


My next fashion steal!


A good playlist!


I’ve chosen to share one from my list above with you’ll and if your frequent this page, you already know which gets the most attention.

This week one particular chap gets all the attention and it well-deserved!


Idris Elba, actor and cover model of GQ October 2013 is an englishman who makes wearing a 3-piece suit sound so bloody sexy.  I personally think that this video should of been longer, and included him getting dressed into one of those well-fitted suits he spoke so handsomely about.

Rewind button pressed!

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