Monday Men Style: Two Wheelers

menstyle two wheeler 10

Fell in love with a wheelie boy.  Fell in love with several of those wheelie boys while in Europe.  It was the first time I used a bicycle as my only form of transportation, and when you’re waiting at a traffic light devoted just for cyclists one cannot help but admire the male companions waiting next to you.  Ever since then, I’ve been thankful for the sudden surge of green transporation in the New York City.  Men are putting themselves on display at speeds of 20 mphot damn!

Sometimes a bicycle is that oversized accessory that completes a man’s look.

menstyle two wheelermenstyle two wheeler 8menstyle two wheeler 14menstyle two wheeler 4menstyle two wheeler 17menstyle two wheeler 12menstyle two wheeler 5

menstyle two wheeler 16menstyle two wheeler 9menstyle two wheeler 11menstyle two wheeler 13menstyle two wheeler 2menstyle two wheeler 15menstyle two wheeler 6

Ph: Streetfsn, ManInPink , Tumblr

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