Monday Men Style: A Priceless Fashion Accessory.

smiles parisgqmen38

Ohh how I’ve missed putting all my focus on the fellas. For the past two weeks I’ve been putting most of my concentration on a slightly different avenue of women’s’ fashion that has me ready for a well- deserved step away from my fashion sisthrens.  I’m happily skipping into the path of some strong shoulder subjects this week and it starts with the grinning fools we just can’t get enough of.

The extended 4th of July weekend had everyone out & about and happier than usual!  Most men were in good spirits and working their smiles like they were going out of style.  It was definitely their best accessory that I found myself searching for over and over again during the weekend.  Not all of those smiles being exchanged were G-rated, therefore in my head I created a female version of G Unit’s song “Smile,” while the other 10% got Nat King Cole’s version as their soundtrack.

I’m dedicating this post to the stylish men around the world whose smiles are priceless accessories.

men style smiles 1smiles  enriquecamposparissmiles paris-gq2men style smiles 4men style smiles 2men style smiles 6men style smiles 5men style smiles 3


Ph: Jak&Jil, Tumblr, GQ

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