He Belted Me and It Looked Good.

RomeoStyle he belted me and it looked good

This belted public service announcement is one that focuses on the waist of my fellow fashion sisters, and fellas it may help to answer why some of your belts have gone missing.

As of late, many retail shops are selling us a bigger variety of belts than we know what to do with, yet the selection these shops have to offer cannot compare to sturdy and simply cool buckled-numbers hanging in the men’s section.  Less is more, when you want a long tan, or black leather belt that isn’t too thin or too wide.

Depending on the woman or women in your life, may just be the secret belt thieves borrowers that just never returns what doesn’t belong to them.  Don’t go asking for your belt(s) back because we’ll find someway to may you feel guilty about asking us to return your property. 10 lashes

Then you have those women who buys their own belts from the men’s department like the bosses they are.  It wouldn’t be wise to go borrowing from her without asking.  Again, the invading of her personal space, blah blah blah,  and the same accessory in question will be used against you.  20 lashes or until her arm gets tired.

For being so wise and understanding, know this gentlemen,  your belts are something else we’re found hanging in the closets that have caught our eyes and there is nothing you can or should do about it.


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